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Multimedia Pop Up Kit - the Complete Solution for your Exhibition

Is it possible to get everything you need for a successful exhibition from just one kit? A multi-media pop up bundle is the answer. It is the simplest way to create a stunning display with all the essentials to get you noticed.

What's more, it fits easily into the back of a car for easy transportation and can be erected in a matter of minutes. So what are considered as the essential components of a Pop Up Kit today?

The Stand

The pop up frame is the skeleton of your display.  The self locating magnetic locking arms on this pop up stand makes this amongst the easiest to construct pop-up stand on the market today. Once you have a pop up frame, its easy to reprint the pop up panels again for future exhibitions.


Quality graphics are the key part of a successful exhibition and essential for a professional looking exhibition display. Graphics are the main focus of your display, and will often make the difference in whether a potential customer will approach your stand or walk on by.

Digital Screen

Audio visual presentations are as important today as static graphics. Incorporating a screen into your exhibition display will ensure that your content can be changed and revised on demand quickly and easily during the day, whereas your printed graphics are there to stay!


Choosing the right lighting for your exhibition space not only draws attention to your graphics but also help create the right ambiance in your stand. Powerspot lights can be clipped to the top of your pop up kit.

Literature Stand

Don't neglect your promotional literature. Literature racks are the perfect accessory to add to your exhibition or trade show display. It will keep your stand organised by effectively displaying all your promotional literature, brochures or leaflets. Choosing a portable folding brochure stands that collapses down into a sturdy carry case for easy transportation to events and exhibitions will make setting up at the show quick and easy.

Transit Case

The key for an easy show is to be able to get your exhibition equipment easily to the venue - so a case to fit everything in is essential. The pop up transit case is capable of storing any standard size pop up stand and graphics. The foam compartment within the case lid will keep the graphics safe and secure during transportation.


If you are exhibiting then there is a good chance you will need a counter to take orders, supply information or conduct transactions. The transit case is the ideal solution as with a simple addition of a hard top and a wrap for branding, it can be turned into a useful counter.