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Different Ways to use your Banner Stand

Banner stands are a fantastic way to advertise because they are so versatile, practical and affordable. The most common usage of banner stands is at exhibitions, but they’re useful for lots of other applications.

If you are only using your banner stands once a year at an exhibition, there is a good chance you are simply not using it to its fullest potential. There are plenty of other ways your banner stand can work for you. Uses for your banner stand:

Banner stands outside your office, shop or store.

Banner stands work effectively at exhibitions because they draw people in at the trade show. Why not use them for the same purpose at your shop or outside your reception area? By placing a banner stand just outside the door to your shop or offices you can also draw people in. POD Outdoor Displays supply a great range of outdoor banner stands. By ensuring that your graphics are eye-catching and include an action you want customers to take you can focus your customer’s attention. You can also include an announcement about a new promotion or product—anything to draw people in and get you noticed. Banner stands will also mean that you can be seen from afar. An outdoor banner stand is designed to withstand wind and weather—and it’s not constrained by the height of your ceiling. A banner stand positioned in a prominent place near your store or placed near the road means that customers will notice your banner stand.

This range display cabinets also includes stunning freestanding revolving showcases and glass display units. These glass display cabinets solve the problem encountered by retailers of limited space to display their products. Gently revolving glass shelves ensure your products are visible from all angles.

Banner stands to direct traffic.

Banner Stands are an efficient way to direct people to the right location in your building, particularly if you own a large building such as a hotel or a stadium. If you’re staging a special event in a large area or a meeting in a conference room at hotel, place a banner stand in high-traffic spots to direct people to the right room. This will take the burden of giving directions off your staff, and get customers where they need to be easily and efficiently.

Banner stands for the retail sales floor.

A banner stand could be working hard for you on your sales floor every day of the year. In your retail store, a strategically placed roller banner stand with great eye catching graphics can draw attention to a special product you’re promoting, announce sales, and attract customer attention exactly where you want it.

You want to take advantage of those customers that will impulse buy – and encourage it which is always good for business. If you need to highlight a new product or service a banner stand is a great way to promote it. A cheap banner stand puts that new product right at eye level, the moment your customers walk into the store. And because banner stands are flexible and the graphics can be changed easily, use yours any time a new product comes out. The more visible your advertising in the store, the more your customers will be drawn to your new product.

Banner stands for presentations.

A banner stand can be the ideal way to back you up at a presentation or a speaking engagement. If you need to give talks and run seminars then a bannerstand is a great way to advertise. Banner stands are the perfect traveling companion because they’re light, flexible, and portable. This means that you can easily set them up as a backdrop for your presentation, set one outside the door to your conference room to draw people in, or place one near a sales table where people can go to buy your product after the talk. They will give you a professional look but also encourage impulse buys.

Few advertising tools are as versatile as the banner stand. They’re equally effective bringing traffic into a shop or reception area—and just as at home on the sales floor as at an exhibition. Your banner stand can work for you in many ways, so why not call the POD sales team on 01933 411159 to order yours now.