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Exhibition Stand Design Considerations

If you have the task of sourcing an exhibition stand for your show, there are a number of considerations to take into account.

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The more we understand about your company and your project, the better the stand design. The information below can help guide you through the process.

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What we need to know

• What your company does?
This can include the products you sell or services you offer, the size and age of your company

• Do you have an existing stand?
If this is your first exhibition stand, what stands have you seen that impressed you? If you weren’t happy with your last exhibition stand, what disappointed you? ·

• What is your exhibiting budget?
Do you have a proposed budget and what does this cover? In order to meet your requirements, we would like to know about your previous experience with exhibition stands, so provide details of anything you feel may be relevant.


Objectives for Attending the Exhibition

From the outset, identify what you want to communicate to your audience and your objectives for being at the event. Your space should clearly show who you are, what you do and the benefits of your services or products. Essential considerations to achieving this include:

• Ensure your brand or corporate image are prominently featured.

• Keep your graphics simple – concise and succinct text with pictures and visual graphics work best

• Demonstrations and audio visual presentations create movement and interaction - both attract visitors

• Be aware that your exhibition stand design dimensions need to be within the allocated space on the show floor

About the Exhibition Stand

Prepare a detailed written brief to help you identify your objectives. This should include:

• Outline the aims.
Is it to launch a new product, purely generate sales, increase traffic, rebrand, build brand awareness or product awareness? What promotional activity will take place?

• Who is your target audience?
Will your visitors have any special needs? What are the visitor demographics to the show – families, children, adults only?

• What essential equipment is to be included?
Should your stand incorporate a meeting area, literature dispensers, audio visual displays, light boxes, and seating?

• Specifics of graphics required?
Are there any specific colours, logos, corporate images that must be incorporated into your design?

Logistics of the Exhibition

Information about your upcoming show will help our team be completely prepared and quickly find solutions to your brief.

• What is the size of your rented exhibition space?
Do you have height restrictions? Have you booked a shell scheme or space only?

• Future use of the exhibition stand.
Will you need to use the stand again? How many shows are you planning to attend in the coming year? Will they be larger of smaller venues?

• How many staff will be working on the stand?
Will you require a reception counter? Do you have a proposed flow of visitor’s traffic?

Any details about your project are useful to our team, so please feel free to include as many details as possible. Remember that POD supply a range of accessories from carrier bag holders to lighting, media screens to furniture, so we can take care of every aspect of your exhibition design.

Please fill in the design brief form and fax back to us, click here to open the form.

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