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Exhibiting & Advertising for Small Businesses

Surviving in today’s business world can be a struggle for many companies. And as so may sad statistics show, a large percentage of small businesses fail in the first year. Small businesses that have survived attribute their success to effective advertising. However all companies have to be selective in the type of advertising they choose. Many advertising venues that have not been successful are because the advertisements did not reach their target audience. But a tried and proven method for a small business or sole trader to take their business to the next level is by participating in an exhibition or trade show.

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Exhibitions are a fantastic way to advertise. Exhibitions are designed to promote small businesses and local traders. And because exhibitions can draw any where from a couple hundred people to thousands of people, it means that a small business can easily increase their business name, brand or product recognition by attending an exhibition.

If there is one downside to this however, it is that exhibitions usually have numerous businesses that are all in competing for the attention of the general public. How can your business overcome this problem? It is vitally important, when attending, an exhibition to make sure that your exhibition stand stands out from the rest. A professional, well designed quality exhibition stand will give your small business an edge against the competition.

Making your Exhibition Stand really stand out

Quality is an important factor in achieving this. Cheap exhibition stands and low cost graphics printed on inferior materials will immediately tell a story about your business. It may be a temptation to look for ways to cut costs on your exhibition budget, but do not be tempted to do this with your exhibition display stands.

Choose quality exhibition display equipment that is accompanied by excellent graphics. Keep your exhibition graphics simple but eye catching. Pop Up Stands that are produced on quality materials will be more hardwearing and the quality of the colour printing will stand out and draw attention to your exhibition stand. Compliment your exhibition stand with literature stands for your promotional leaflets and brochures, multi media players for your digital signage advertising and company videos and promotional counters for effectively taking enquiries and details at the show.

A company like POD Exhibitions can help you achieve all these aims. We have been supplying exhibitions display stands and exhibition graphics for over 10 years. We supply a great range of quality display systems yet at cost effective prices that won’t blow your exhibition budget! We can help you design a modular stand unique to your display requirements, and we can also supply everyday budget stands that will do the job and still look fantastic. Whatever you need, you can be confident that we can supply it on time and on budget.