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POD supply a huge range of glass display cabinets, tower showcases, glass counters and glass display cubes. They all suit a variety of purposes and are all available at very competitive prices. Here is a basic summary of some of the ranges of glass display cabinets we offer.

Elegant & Stylish Round and Oval Display Cabinets

Elegance Display Cabinet – The Elegance range is the range for you if you are looking for an attractive and stylish display cabinet to stand out from the crowd. The Elegance display cabinets are all round or oval in shape making them different from standard square and rectangle cabinets. The functional lockable doors and elegant adjustable feet with the addition of hidden wheels in some of the cabinets make the Elegance display cabinets practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. The display cabinet market has very few cabinets that offer such a beautiful elegant display before the products are even in!

This range display cabinets also includes stunning freestanding revolving showcases and glass display units. These glass display cabinets solve the problem encountered by retailers of limited space to display their products. Gently revolving glass shelves ensure your products are visible from all angles.

Professional Display Cabinets

Premier Cabinets – The showcases and display cabinets in the Premier cabinet range have been designed to elegantly display your products and allow maximum light in to show off your displays. The Premier ranges of display cabinets are solid cabinets that can include drawers or lockable base cupboards for storage. They are made with toughened glass making them suitable for public environments. With addition of halogen lights in the top of some of these showcases they are ideal for professional retail areas and show rooms to effectively promote your products. This range also includes extra wide display cabinets that offer excellent value for money.

Aluminium Cabinet Range – The Aluminium framed range is another practical and functional range of display cabinets suitable for a modern contemporary environment. These cabinets are all aluminium framed making them hard wearing and suitable for high traffic public areas. They are available in a choice of colours. The Starline range of display cabinets includes wall mounted glass display cabinets, different sized display counters, jewellery counters and shop counters and a popular range of glass display cabinets and tower showcases.

Low Cost Display Cabinets

Premier Lite Display Range – Display Cabinets and showcases in our Premier Lite range are one of the most affordable display cabinets on the market. They are just one of our more popular ranges of display cabinets as they provide a perfect combination of quality, aesthetics, functionality and price. So often when buying budget products you have to compromise quality. This is not the case with the Premier Lite range of display cabinets. They are light weight display cabinets that offer great value for money. The modern style, standard tempered glass, lockable hinged doors and the addition of halogen lighting in some of the display showcases make them suitable for a range of different environments. If your budget is tight, then the Premier Lite range of counters and display cabinets is the best option for you. The Premier Lite range glass display cabinets includes wall mounted glass display cabinets, different sized display counters and shop counters and a popular range of glass display cabinets and showcases.

The range of cabinets we offer are suitable for reception areas, as museum displays, trophy cabinets, shop window displays, universities, waiting rooms, jewellery stores and all retail environments.

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