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How to get your Artwork to us

You can send your artwork in a variety of ways:


The most popular method is to send your files to us using File Transfer Protocol or, FTP as it is more commonly known.

To send us files on our FTP service visit http://dropbox.yousendit.com/POD
You will need your "print ready" files ready for upload, and your Customer name or POD job reference number.

Please Note: Please call 01933 411159 prior to sending files to our FTP site. Under some circumstances we may insist that you send your artwork via CD in the post with a colour proof.

For your own FTP posted files you will need to send us an email with your link to your FTP site with all necessary user names and passwords.

Upon receipt of your files from a FTP server the POD artwork studio will follow our Artwork Flight Checking and proofing procedure prior to print.


You can send us your logos and files upto 10mb in size. If the files can be zipped or stuffed that would help to save file size.

Please send to: graphics@podweb.co.uk with your job reference number


The most preferred way is to send a CD or DVD disk in the post (recorded delivery or special delivery) along with a colour proof .

If you need any further help please contact our Studio on 01933 413116