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Colours Explained

What is colour mode?

The colour mode sets the way in which your computer defines colours. Your document colour mode should be specified as either CMYK or RGB.

CMYK uses values of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to define a broad colour spectrum. It is the standard colour system for print.

RGB uses values of Red, Green and Blue to define its colour range. It is the standard colour system for web images, video and on-screen presentations.

Which colour mode should I use?

Work in CMYK or RGB but not both.

We can work with files supplied as either CMYK or RGB, but it is important that you do not mix colour modes in your supplied print file and all its support images and logos.

If you mix colour modes on a job we will not guarantee the colour fidelity of the final printed image. What you see is not necessarily what you get; at least with colour!

The colours you see on screen are not true representations of how the final printed colours will appear. Your monitor works with luminous colours that can appear more vivid than they will look on the final printed banner.

So what colours will I get?

Balanced photographs and areas of flat colour reproduce well. Colour distortion is usually only an issue when you are trying to match to a specific colour on a logo or background colour. If no colour matching is asked for, all files will be printed using our standard colour conversion tables.

How do I get a colour to match?

You have three options:

1 - BEFORE you send us the job and if you have a PANTONE reference call us on 01933 411391. We will then give you the nearest match from our colour charts so you can adjust your files.

2 - AFTER you send us the job let us know which colours you want matching and we will alter your files. A nominal fee is charged for this service.

3 - If you have a colour sample that you wish us to match to send it in with your files. We will choose the closet colour match from our colour charts and change your files. A nominal fee is charged for this service.

Can I see the colour match before you print my banner?

Yes you can. The colour match we produce will be on the same material and sealed just as if it were the final print. A nominal fee is charged for this service standard delivery terms and conditions apply.

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