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Printed Banner Options

We print onto a number of different materials which are suitable for a variety of different applications. The quality of printing and resolution does not change but the material its printed on does, and therefore can have effects on longevity of handling and pricing.

All graphics are covered with our peace of mind 3 year graphics guarantee.

Easy Graphic

The Easy Graphic material is 350 micron thick polyester film, which has a grey, lightstop backing. It is a very strong substrate that will not tear unless actually cut. Very dimensionally stable and excellent for normal occasional use. If the graphic is subject to regular or heavy/long-term useage, we can apply a crystal matt surface seal for scratch resistance, finger marking protection and a longer life.

EcoLam (Bronze standard)

Our Ecolam banner material was produced to be very cost effective and ideally suited for large quantity projects and/or where the graphic is handled rarely. The graphic construction does NOT have a lightstop backing so this graphic will potentially let strong lightsources through from behind creating a shadow effect thus making some graphics hard to read. We do not recommend this option if the product could be placed in front of windows or strong light source. There is a matt laminate seal on both sides of the print making the graphic untearable.

EcoLam LS (Silver standard)

Our popular Ecolam LS material has a slightly more rigid construction than the Ecolam material and has the benefit of a lightstop backing which will cut out the risk of any light shining through from behind. The material has a matt seal on the front to protect the graphic whilst making it . EcoLam LS is a the choice to balance costs with longevity.

Premium LS (Gold Standard)

Our most popular material is our Premium LS banner material. Printed on untearable polyester material, it is the most hard wearing printed banner material we produce. This banner is ideal for when your graphics will be handled frequently as it has a lightstop backing and a scratch resistant crystal seal on the front, which will definitely make it stand up to the rigors of portable display life. Premium LS is a very popular choice to balance costs, longevity and peace of mind.

PVC Banner

PVC banner material is most commonly used for outdoor banners that are finished with eyelets for securing via rope, bungee cord or cable ties. The PVC banner material is a very hardwearing, waterproof and easy to roll up material, which, is universally used for colour banners. It can be provided in a range of colours although white is used for digital print.


Our Mesh material is ideal for outdoor applications where the banner will be exposed to windy conditions. The waterproof mesh contruction of the material allows the wind to partially travel through the banner which allows it to stay fixed to its anchors. It displays graphics and colours well, although the graphic will be slightly weaker due to the partial graphic surface of the mesh. This material is usually dye sublimation printed using special dye inks for outdoor use.

Polyester Flag

Our Polyester Flag material enables our printed flags to not only display graphics and colours well, but also be very lightweight, flexible and hardwearing for various weather conditions. This material is usually dye sublimation printed using special dye inks for outdoor use.

If there are any materials that you would especially like us to print on, please don't hesitate to call us to discuss. We have capabilities to print on rigid materials (forex, correx, MDF) as well as flexible polyesters and PVC materials.