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Lease It!

Why pay for a depreciating asset up front rather than spreading the cost over its useful life?

Let us structure the most effective finance package for your funding requirements.

FACT = "Leasing capital equipment gives you the customer access to another line of funding, protects your bank position, enhances cashflow planning and offers real tax advantages over cash."

Why consider leasing from POD Display Systems?

Finance offers an attractive alternative to paying cash. POD Finance allows you to spread the cost of your investment more fully over the useful life of your equipment or installation. Furthermore, from a purely fiscal perspective, the assumption that finance is more expensive than cash is, in the majority of cases, a myth and our illustrations can demonstrate the true cost of both cash and finance against each other. POD Display is delighted to introduce our fully independent finance partner, Shire Leasing. As specialists in their field, Shire Leasing have been arranging business to business leasing for over 18 years. To understand more fully the benefits of finance to you and for more background on Shire Leasing, please visit their website by clicking on the link below.


Note: Only certain products are available for finance payments.
These include: Glass Display cabinets - value greater than £1500
Modular Display systems - value greater than £1500

Please call our sales team for any more information.