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POD Complaints Procedure


Used in conjunction with point 9.6 Standard Terms and Conditions of Business of Print On Demand Limited (t/a Pod Exhibition Systems)

In the case of a complaint regarding faulty or damaged goods POD will adhere to the following guidelines to investigate a valid claim and enable a clear and effective solution to the satisfaction of all parties.

1 - All complaints must be made in writing within 48 hours of receipt by client.

2 - In the case of a manufacturing fault, complaints must be made in writing to Print-on-Demand Limited. (t/a Pod Exhibition Systems)

3 - Goods must be shipped back to POD at the clients cost, for evaluation purposes. If a manufacturing fault is found to be the reason for the problem the shipping cost will be reimbursed and a new or repaired product will be sent.(POD can arrange for collection)

4 -If a manufacturing fault is found to be conclusive POD will replace or correct the Goods (or part in question).

5 - If a manufacturing fault is found to be conclusive and the product can no longer be repaired, or, an alternative product cannot be supplied, for whatever reason, the client will be entitled to their money back in full.

6 - If misuse of the product is found to be the reason for the fault then the customer will be notified and then the product will be held until we receive clients’ instructions.

7 - POD can in most circumstances provide a quotation for repair or replacement of the product, if misuse of the product has been found. The client will be eligible to order and pay for this repair or replacement product on the client’s written instruction.

8 - All complaints will be dealt with fairly and documented within the POD internal office systems for future improvements and better customer service.

If you require any further help please contact Stuart Berman in our customer service department on 01933 411159.