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Environmental Policy


Products – recycling and reusability

• We take care to select suppliers that have a robust and active environmental policy and comply with environmental legislation and regulations.

• Many of our products have an easy to change graphic system which allows the signage to be changed so the information remains current with minimal waste

• Other products can be reconfigured so that the function of the display can be changed rather than having to replace it, and this reduces the amount of waste.

• Some displays can be recycled.

• Lost or broken components can be readily replaced so this reduces the need to purchase a new display, which greatly reduced waste and cost to consumers. In the case of one of our aluminium stands in the event that your display no longer suits your needs or comes to the end of it's life span you can simply send back the display for recycling and we will credit you the current value (by weight) of the aluminium.

• Many of our suppliers operate a recycling program for all paper, cardboard, wood and aluminium so that the unavoidable waste from administration and production are recycled

• The components that comprise some of the display systems are mass-produced and the manufacturing processes are geared to minimising waste.

• Many of our products are designed to be lightweight and portable, and are engineered to use as little raw material as possible.

• Our display systems are designed to be reused many times. They are modular and reconfigurable so they can be adapted and built on to accommodate different display needs.


• Many displays are shipped in reusable cartons manufactured from 60% recycled materials.

• Some packaging is durable double-walled cardboard which is sturdy enough for frequent use. Velcro straps are provided to make the repackaging process easy and waste free as possible.


• At POD we have reduced the amount of paper promotional material we send out to customers and favour downloadable pdf brochures directly from our website for many of our products.


• Our marketing strategy has deliberately moved away from paper-based communication and promotional campaigns where possible.

Promoting Staff Awareness

• Within our office environment, we promote an environmentally friendly awareness amongst our staff with various poster campaigns, highlighting the need to be energy, and recycling conscious. All our office waste is recycled locally.

• We have a designated member of staff who drives forward energy saving measures in order to reduce our carbon footprint, such as:-
- Finding out how much the office is spending on energy. This gives us a base figure to monitor the success of energy saving measures.
- Checking heating and cooling controls to ensure they are set at the appropriate temperatures.
- Preparing a list of good housekeeping measures, including simple actions such as switching off lights and equipment.