How modular exhibition building blocks can help you stand out.

We all want to stand out at an exhibition, but often it is easier said than done. So if you’ve been hunting for a stand for a while, but nothing seems to meet your expectations, why not consider modular building blocks? Flexible and simple to assemble, they provide a striking solution for those looking for an unusual stand.

Guaranteed to make you stand out, the only limit to what you can create is you.


So, how do they work?

Well it’s time to unleash your inner child and get creative. Essentially large Lego bricks, modular building blocks provide limitless opportunities for the creatively-minded. Slotting together like traditional blocks, they make it easy to create exhibition stands of any size, shape, and format.

Shaped just like Lego bricks, they clip together securely on top of one another to create a wall of bricks. Measuring 30x15x15cm, you won’t need many to make one side of a stand. Allowing you to create what you want, when you want, modular building blocks have been used to create a whole host of eye-catching structures for exhibitions!

Are there any limits?

Of course there are limits with what you can achieve, but these are probably much more far reaching that you first think. You’re not limited to blocks and squares after all. You can create sculptures like houses, people, and even mock awards with ease to add a bit of interest to your stand. Making you instantly recognisable and enabling you to stand out, it is this kind of creativity that can make you the one delegates continue to talk about long after the exhibition.

Are they expensive?

In short, no. Costing less than £10 each, they often work out much better value than purchasing a large stand for a show or event. Of course, the pennies do add up with the more you buy.

Can I use them again?

Just like exhibition stands, modular building blocks can be used time and time again. However unlike many exhibition stands, they won’t date. So should your branding change or you change your offering, you’ll still be able to keep the same blocks.

What colours are available?

Modular building blocks come in a whole host of colours to suit all needs. From black to red, orange to purple, and white to gold, we guarantee you’ll not be left wishing there were more options.

So go on, try modular building blocks for your next stand!

To find out more about individual modular building blocks, click here. Alternatively, browse our modular building block section.

NEW ! Tension Fabric Pop Up Stand

The NEW Embrace Tension fabric pop up display stand is a new innovative fabric pop up system with its unique design offering a sleek, collapsible display that delivers style and substance with minimal effort.

The Embrace is a pop up frame featuring a new push fit bar system that creates an external channel around all four edges of the frame. When erected it provides a fitting point for the Graphics Panel. The Display Polyester graphic is a Silicon Edged Graphic, which push fits into the edging channel to provide a drum tight display front and sides.

Watch the Video:

In terms of where this sits in our range of our Tension fabric graphic solutions. It is a a cross between a fabric hop up display stand & a fabric vector frame exhibition stand. The frames are sold in the following standard configurations only, no custom sizes available.

The system can be supplied as a double sided display stand too!

You can also join frames together using one of our special joining clamp components. We recommended minimum 2 per join, ideally 3 are required and they come as 90 or 180 degree (straight) joints.

The frames are sold as complete kits, and supplied in a wheeled bag, with a frame, bars for single sided use and a pair of stabilizing feet. Please note we carry stock of spare nodes, locking arms, bars, feet and frames which are unique to this product.


Designed Graphics should be supplied to us as print ready PDF files and /or we can design your stand on request. Call 01933 411159 for more information.

Useful information

If you would like to upgrade to a hard case then we would recommend the Atlas, Elipse Plus or Zeus case which are capable of transporting all sizes along with a wooden folding top should you require a case conversion.

You can add a digital TV pop up screen mount to an embrace frame. You will need to specify this at time of ordering or purchase one of our TV Embrace stands.
You will also need to where you want the cut out in the graphic to allow for the screen to be fixed onto the VESA mount.

Lights can be added directly onto the top node without the need for additional light fittings, suitable lights are the PS1000/PS1060/LED Flood & LED strip.

Please call us on 01933 411159 or email us to discover how this new hybrid popup exhibition stand can help you and your company or business display more effectively.

How to deliver the best exhibition experience – No 1: Engagement

Why is engagement important?

Meeting face to face in the exhibition or trade show environment should really should be far more interesting than just speaking on the phone or browsing the internet or being at your desk. Engaging Exhibition stands

It really should be a pleasurable experience, for not only you, the exhibitor, but also the visitor.

You will be in a better frame of mind as the person on the stand, who is talking, engaging, helping, involving clients, if you are enjoying yourself and feeling proud of what you have around you and the point s of engagement. On the other hand the visitor who has made the effort and even paid to come to the event needs to enjoy the experience of being on your stand.

What is your goal?

To “be remembered”, “to stand out”! , to be “easy for the visitor to recall” to mind when they think of the event, obviously for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones. To be memorable, is to be a success when it comes to your core fish

When you need to remember a main point and information needs to be retained in a written or spoken format, Illustrations are used so the information can easily be recalled, the point made and it can be applied and therefore be useful.

The same is true with your exhibition stand – it needs to be recalled to mind easily, with the main point of your stand dancing in their head, engagement on your stand does this.
How can this be achieved?

The most memorable exhibits you can probably remember now, probably offered you the best memories. Perhaps a great coffee, really happy staff. Maybe there was a fun game you played. Perhaps you learnt something really interesting or just sat and chilled on an extremely comfy sofa. It’s not necessarily all about the quality of the stand but the engagement once your visitors are in it.

Points to consider

It’s obvious but so vital to use as many of the 5 senses as possible. For instance smell – coffee, new car leather, fresh bread – What is a favourite smell that you could transport to the show that would enhance the visitor’s experience of your stand.

An example that can be cited is of a well-known travel agents exhibitropicaltion space which transported you (or your nose anyway!) to relaxing or fun holiday times by using the smell of sun cream !
Theres more…

Also consider the show as just one part of the bigger company marketing campaign –What do I mean. Well if your show is in April, use opportunities before and after the show to promote, enhance and continue the theme of your stand or show. Think of it as a whole year, the campaign, pre and post show and not as 3 days of the show.

Engage people throughout the year via social media, emails, functions, website promotions etc.

How can you involve and entertain visitors to your stand?

People really do like to play games; it’s usually a long day at a show people want to be entertained, so to play is a basic human need that we all did a lot, as a kid, but probably not so much now.

However, it brings out emotions, it connects us to good memories and feelings and that’s what we want.
have fun“Fundamentally People love to play and win” – let them.

In addition fun content, interesting trivia and small bytes entertainment media, it’s not classed as work. In today’s fast paced environment it’s the norm to want on-demand-entertainment in smaller chunks. People now download a song rather than an album, a 30 sec video rather that a film. Generally, our attention span is dwindling so it’s important to match the engagement we show to the times we live in.

Have a look at our “big lego blocks” which people love to play with. Perhaps to create a unique structure, tower or even a small puzzle on your exhibition stand! get you r message across too and put your branding, message or details on the blocks too!
Do’s and don’ts

How many times have you complained about someone treating you unprofessionally or being unhelpful? We all expect to be treated correctly and it makes a big impact when customer service and manners are lacking in social interactions.

Remember over 90% of communication is non-verbal so we need to be professional and believe that it is our way of engaging with people

The person that sells the best is the person that is motivated and well trained – Your initial 30 seconds make the main difference to whether a person is going to be interested or not.


Please don’t eat on the stand – No to sandwiches/subs/crisps
No Playing solitaire on your iPad
No texting your friends constantly on your phone
No chewing gum with your mouth open
No hands in pockets
No frowns (Smiley face please)
Is that it?

Engagement is only ONE way in which POD Exhibitions can help support you deliver the Best Exhibition Experience at your next event.

This is the first of 5 articles. The next article will show how Creativity can play a vital role in delivering the best experience at your exhibition.

New Fun Bright ColourPlus Busyfold Panel Kits

Our folding panel kit range has grown with the introduction of new bright colourful panel kits in the Busyfold range of portable display board kits. All the usual benefits of a portable folding panel kit but now in bright contemporary colours.

busyfold 7busyfold 8

The Colour Plus Busyfold panel kits range is available in two different panel sizes – 900x600mm or larger 700x1000mm panels. Each system has a choice of frame colour in black or grey and 6 fun bright vibrant fabric colours in apple green, cyan, lilac, magenta, orange and purple.
The Colour Plus Display Boards features:

Double sided panels
Suitable for both velcro and pins
PVC frame
simple to assemble
Choice of panel sizes
carry bag included

Available in large and small table top versions and 6 panel, 7 panel and 8 panel display kit options all with header panels. And all with free delivery! Take a look at the Busyfold range in Floorstanding and Table Top sections of Folding Panel Kits-
busyfold blue
busyfold tabletop

Folding Display Board Kits are a cost-effective way to exhibit. Panel folding kits are a lightweight yet robust display and can be set up in seconds, making the folding display board perfect for use on a small exhibition stand. Foldable lightweight exhibition panels are very easy to collapse and then be reassembled by just one person with no need for tools.

Display boards are a great solution as office dividers and screens. If you are looking to create a booth, separate an area for display purposes or have a display board as a screen to divide a room, tall display panel kits are a cost effective and user friendly solution. For that extra impact in the showroom or office, jumbo display stands are perfect for displaying huge posters or charts.

Display board kits are a popular choice for schools, universities and colleges. Panel Display boards are a popular choice for end of term displays, careers information and graphics.

Browse the entire range here – Folding Panel Kits

What to put in a 3×3 Exhibition Stand Space?

What is the best display option for a 3×3 Exhibition Stand Space? Have you booked your stand at your next event? A common stand space at the UK’s major exhibition halls is a 3m x 3m square shell scheme. With 9sq metres of floor space, what are you going to do get the most from your exhibition investment?

The beauty of a 3×3 stand is that there is scope for creativity but yet stands of this size can usually be assembled quickly, making them a practical and affordable stand size for many companies.

As getting the most out of your exhibition stand space is vital to ensure the maximum return on investment, it is important to select the right system for your business. The endless choice can be headache when it comes to making the final decision to fill the space. So we have boiled the huge array of exhibition systems on the market down into a few key solutions that will hopefully make the choice a bit easier. And the choice you make has a lot to do with your needs as an exhibitor?
3x3_Stand_with_Twist_-_Open_on_1_side_001MFor example, will you be transporting the exhibition equipment to the show yourself? Does it need to fit into a car? Do you want to be able to reuse the stand if you decide to have a different stand size at your next event? Do you have a lot of products to also display on the stand?

Foamex Boards:

Foamex panels attach directly to your shell scheme using Velcro dots or magtape, giving you the entire 9m square floor space to work with. In some cases it is possible to insert the panels directly into the shell scheme frame. Ideal if you need to save on space and have a lot to fit in as it doesn’t encroach into your floor area.

Centro Aluminium Framed Stands:

Aluminium framed stand constructed from straight aluminium profile components that graphic panels can be attached too. Ideal if you require a system that can be shortened, extended or altered to fit another layout and if you want to integrate accessories such as literature stands, tablet holders and digital screens.

Twist Linking Banners:

The Twist is a linked banner system. The banners are linked in two ways, one of which involves a smaller banner on a flexible rail which enables the creation of curves to join two standard banners. Great if you want to use separate banners in the future.

We’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of all the systems and put them all in one place on our website, to help you find the best system. Take a look at our Exhibition Stand Size page for 3x3m stand.

Creating Walls with EverBlock Building Blocks

modular walls with everblock

EverBlock modular building blocks is the ideal solution for creating walls, room dividers, office partitions and much more. Open spaces can be easily reconfigured, making it a versatile and fun way to divide a room or create an enclosure.

The size and scale of walls with EverBlock is up to you but maximum height restrictions are advised on large walls and backdrops. As walls get taller, they require additional stabilisation and support, so there are several methods that can be used to provide additional stability. But choosing a wall width that is suited to the height of the wall won’t always require additional reinforcement.
Support a freestanding wall

For free standing walls, to create extra stability in the design it is good to consider putting a 90 degree “L” at the origin, or termination of the wall, or adding a “T” at the end of the wall. It is also possible to add a protrusion or column in the middle of the wall for additional stability over longer runs.

For walls with EverBlock over 8ft long it is recommended to use a buttress of some type to provide additional stabilisation. This can be a simple stabilising flare out of the wall, or a complete wall extension. Adding an “L” or “T” in the design will greatly enhance the stability of your wall. For long or tall wall areas or for load-bearing construction, it is important to insert a reinforcing steel bar or rods into the EverBlock cable channels for additional stability.
Anchor your wall

When building a freestanding wall it is often useful to reinforce or anchor the freestanding wall to an adjacent fixed wall. This can be achieved using either an angle channel along the entire length of the wall or angle brackets placed at various points on the wall. walls with Everblock
Illuminate your wall

To create a visual impact with your EverBlock wall consider illuminating the blocks. This can simply be done with the translucent blocks by inserting LED lighting cables through the blocks. Using a flat style 0.5” LED lighting cables, with no wide end caps or couplings, the strip can be threaded through the EverBlock cable channels simply.

Everblock is so versatile that you can leave openings for doors, windows, light, or air flow and build in shelving and other elements as needed with your wall. And the fun thing with EverBlock is that if you no longer need a wall, you can easily move it and build something else in its place.wall partitioning with EverBlock

If you want to send us your measurements for your wall, partition or room divider, we can calculate the number of blocks needs to complete your project. Alternatively using a formula will allow you to calculate the exact number of modular blocks you will need for your wall. Complete the EverBlock UK design form and email back to us.

Printed Panel Kits – Simple Graphic Solutions for Display Boards


Panel kits continue to be a popular choice for entry level exhibiting at small shows, trade fairs, conferences and shopping centre displays.  Why not smarten up your panel kit with printed graphic panels.

If posters stuck with pins are providing an inadequate image for your company, an effective solution for branding are printed Foamex panels with your logo or marketing message. The printed panels can be velcroed on to your panel kit, giving a professional finish.

Folding display panel kits are portable, lightweight and versatile type of display board.  The are supplied with a carry bag for easy transportation to each event.

Take a look at the Folding Panel Kits here.  Options for the graphic boards and prices for the printed panels will be up on the website soon. Please call the sales team for prices 01933 411159.



Bespoke Exhibition Counters

Bespoke Exhibition Counters

We are always excited to undertake bespoke projects for our clients. So much can be achieved with our modular stands to create a custom look, but its great to be able to produce something truly bespoke. We were asked by our client to produce a bespoke exhibition counter for an international show in Stuttgart next week. print_logo

bespoke counter


TR Fastenings are global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of superior quality industrial components.

They are exhibiting at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 10-12 March 2015 to showcase their expanding range of products.

We were asked to create a bespoke counter for use at their show. Our design team have designed a counter in the shape of their component fastenings with a acrylic top for use on their exhibition stand.

It has been shipped out ready for use on their stand next week.


counter 2counter

Pre Exhibition Preparations – Tips to Create a Buzz

social media


Once booked for an exhibition, show or event, letting people know you are going to be there is essential for the success of the event. But spreading the word about your attendance at a particular show can be a challenging task.

Social media allow you to reach out to wide audiences but it’s important to target the right attendees.

Here are few tips to help create the buzz:


1)    Tell everyone
Accessing existing customers is absolutely essential when promoting your event. Tell everyone you are going to be there, from potential to customers, to existing clients to suppliers. Use direct mail campaigns, email marketing, website promotions and social media
2)    Use the right hashtag
Find out the official hashtag of the exhibition you are exhibiting at. Getting the event hashtag right is crucial for stirring attendees’ online conversations. The event hashtag allows the event audience to stay connected before, during and after the event.
3)    Join the conversation
Weeks before the exhibition listen to the backchannel buzz especially on Twitter. Learn what people are talking about, what their expectations and concerns are and what they are expecting to see and do at the exhibition. Engage visitors in the dialogue.
4)    Consolidate promotional activity
Take advantage of as many promotional opportunities as possible making sure they fit into your overall sales and marketing objectives and your budget for the show. Make sure your promotional activity is integrated, focused and consistent in the messages it conveys.
5)    Encourage networking
Get to know potential attendees before the show and encourage networking. Boost the excitement by Pre-booking as many appointments as possible.

Exhibiting at Construction Events & Shows in 2015

construction week

2015 is another busy year for exhibitions and events, and the Construction Industry has a range of trade shows and events throughout the year.  Construction shows  include:

@ExecHireShow The Executive Hire Show is the exciting benchmark exhibition for the tools, plant and equipment hire industry. 11 & 12 February 2015.

@PlantworxPR – PLANTWORX 2015, a new biennial exhibition for the construction industry. PLANTWORX will be the largest working construction event in the UK. 2nd – 4th June

@LondonBuildExpo – The leading construction expo for London and the South of England. June 18th & 19th 2015.

@BuildShow The showcase event for the building and construction. 6-11 OCT 2015

Many of these shows have indoor and outdoor exhibiting space, so deciding on the right solution for exhibiting can be a challenge. We have a range of solutions for both.

Exhibition Gantry – Truss and gantry systems are completely modular and can be used to create exactly the structure for your project. Gantry provides an adaptable and versatile way to display large format graphics and the designs we create can feature screens, meeting rooms, presentation plinths, shelving, reception tables and storage cupboards.


Exhibition Event Tent – The POD event tents are ideal for outdoor events. The modular domes provide interconnectivity through tunnels to create separate spaces for multi purpose use. The modular system gives you the choice to link tents for a space as small or large as you need it, and in a variety of layouts allowing you to control the flow of your visitors, have separate meeting or registration areas or provide hospitality.

Esetta Shell Scheme Pro –Simple systems with fabric graphics that is simple to erect yourself, saving money on installation fees. The shell scheme Pro package is essentially a kit in a box and can include screens, iPad stands, counters, light boxes and storage into your design. The inclusion of custom elements into the stand, gives the appearance of a bespoke design. Indoor events only.trailer

Exhibition Event Trailer – For a series of outdoor events or roadshows, trailers are a way to incorporate all the display and branding elements you need in one central location. Exhibition trailers provide good shelter, shade & excellent protection in windy conditions. Hire or purchase options available.

To discuss suitable options for the upcoming Construction and Building Events this year, talk to our sales team for a solution that is suitable for you.