How a Custom Exhibition Stand Will Take Your Company to the Next Level

custom exhibition stand

It’s hard to stand out when you’re one of the hundreds competing for attention from visitors walking by.

You need to be dynamic and memorable to make a good first and lasting impression.

A custom exhibition stand is a brilliant method of getting and keeping the attention of anyone from a distance to make them want a closer look. Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

They want to be entertained or informed.

Your exhibit stand does the initially crucial part of catching their eye, giving it the opportunity to grab their attention and hold their interest.

Keep reading for more ways a custom exhibition stand can take you to the next level and stand out in a crowd.

Custom Exhibition Stands Offer Versatility

Your custom stand is designed to meet your needs and help you attract and inform visitors is the most effective and attractive way that promotes your brand.

There are endless exhibition possibilities for how you catch their attention and display your exhibit.

You can deliver your brand or message in a professional, appealing and effective way before your embassadors even open their mouths.

Maximize Space Potential

Exhibition spots don’t offer a lot of space and you need to maximize what you’re given in every way you can.

A folding exhibition stand allows you to display information and entertainment in ways that are virtually impossible or impractical without one. You get branding potential from the floor to the top of the stand.

Fabric screens, foldable pop-up stands, and banner displays can make the most of your exhibition space.

Visual and Multimedia Potential

People love visual content. They’re 4x more likely to respond to a video about a product than to read written promotional information.

Dynamic photographs, informative videos, smart branding and intriguing displays can bring visitors to you. People who would normally avoid eye contact as they rush by to avoid a promotional pitch are drawn in by visual content.

The right display plan can have crowds flocking to you. A crowd draws a bigger crowd and you can’t get a crowd if you have nothing for them to see.

You’re Custom Exhibition Stand Is Your Pitch

Your stand can do most of the work for you. Your brand is visible and presented in a memorable way. You can present information and resources to attract customers and connect.

You don’t have to stand on a table and yell into a megaphone to be seen and heard. You have the resources to make your mark without having to say a word. Your custom exhibit stand does it for you.

It’s not about thrusting a business card in someone’s hand as they search for free giveaways. Your display can intrigue, entertain and educate. The whole point is to get them to remember your message and creating a relationship.

Demonstrations and Education Has Never Been Easier

Exhibition displays, demonstrations and customer engagement has never been easier than when you have a custom exhibition stand.

Whether you want to walk someone through a demonstration on your newest product or help them sign up for your latest online promotion it can be designed into your display.

Technology provides marketing and instructional information while videos entertain and educate attendees.

Customer service areas with chairs, required technology, and promotional branding can transform your empty exhibit space into an inviting and engaging space.

Interactive displays and entertaining media can help keep the individual and collective attention of the crowd.

Sky’s the Limit

You’re no longer limited to a table sprawled with pamphlets and printed banners hung awkwardly on the wall as your sole marketing options. It used to be all the hard work was up to the people manning each exhibit.

They would have to wave their arms, be aggressively assertive to get someone to even stop. Others visitors nod their head as they wait to politely take your promotional material and move to the next nondescript booth.

Folding exhibit stands allow you to get their attention and have an inbound customer interaction rather than an outbound sales pitch.

You don’t want to have to beg them to learn more. You want them coming to you and the right display with the right visuals and branding can make that a reality.

You can draw them in with colorful displays and strategic multimedia presentations. You can keep them there with dynamic marketing material, engaging displays, and professional staff.

Solutions to Barriers

A strategically planned and well thought out custom design can offer solutions to many of the barriers to success at exhibitions.

There are design solutions to meet the needs of any business or organization and can be a game changer for their success in reaching potential customers.

Every industry, every company has a different mission, vision, and marketing plan. Each one needs an exhibition display that can deliver their message and brand in a fast and effective way.

You need to tell a story about your company, your products and services and the reason they need to learn more as quickly as possible. You have about 8 seconds until you lose their attention.

Grab Their Attention and Keep It

There’s a ton of things to see and hear at an exhibition and it’s hard to compete. You need to be able to catch the attention of someone across the room by a visually pleasing and eye-catching display.

As people get closer to your vicinity you want to draw them over to your display in search of more information. With a custom exhibit stand, you can deliver photographs, videos, branding, and marketing to a wider area.

If your staff are busy with other visitors your display stand can keep the attention of others with interactive demonstrations, engaging entertainment, and promotional materials. This gives you time to dedicate the proper attention to each person who wants to know more about what you have to offer.

If you want to stand out in the crowd check out how our custom exhibition stands can help you do it.

A guide to creating effective exhibition spaces

A guide to creating effective exhibition spaces

In the world of business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage with more customers and create lasting links between companies and clients. Throughout the year, hundreds of exhibitions and trade shows take place around the country, giving companies the chance to attract more business and promote their service. With so much competition, it can be hard to stand out in the vast crowd of brands and logos. Here are some ways to improve your next exhibition stand and engage with more clients.


The most important thing to aim for when setting up an exhibition space is to grab people’s attention and catch the eyes of people passing by. This is where the use of bright and vibrant colour can help your brand get the recognition it needs. It’s important to remember that the colours and graphics you display must represent your brand but be sure to make your display pop so you can initially grab people’s attention and then wow them with your service.

Unique space

You will often find that many company’s stands at exhibitions feature the same layout and a very similar design. It is always the companies which go above and beyond by creating a unique structure or stand that get most of the attention at trade shows. It’s important to think outside of the box by utilising things such as Modular Building Blocks to create customised stands that aren’t bound by the dimensions of traditional exhibition display stands.


Whether you’re a small business with a compact setup or a huge brand with all kinds of products on display, the layout of your exhibition space is very important when it comes to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the consumer or client. Think about the flow of traffic through the exhibition hall and design your exhibit’s layout in a way that provides easy access to all of your material while allowing visitors to move seamlessly throughout your displays without getting caught up.


In the digital world, it’s no longer enough to hand out free pens and leaflets if you hope to engage with consumers and peak their interest in your service. There is now an increasing number of ways that technology can be integrated into your exhibition stand in order to attract more visitors. For example, touchscreen displays and mobile phone charging ports are a great way to entice people in and get them involved. The mixture of technology and a creative stand design is a recipe for success.

Call POD Exhibitions now for more information.

New Fun Bright ColourPlus Busyfold Panel Kits

Our folding panel kit range has grown with the introduction of new bright colourful panel kits in the Busyfold range of portable display board kits. All the usual benefits of a portable folding panel kit but now in bright contemporary colours.

busyfold 7busyfold 8

The Colour Plus Busyfold panel kits range is available in two different panel sizes – 900x600mm or larger 700x1000mm panels. Each system has a choice of frame colour in black or grey and 6 fun bright vibrant fabric colours in apple green, cyan, lilac, magenta, orange and purple.
The Colour Plus Display Boards features:

Double sided panels
Suitable for both velcro and pins
PVC frame
simple to assemble
Choice of panel sizes
carry bag included

Available in large and small table top versions and 6 panel, 7 panel and 8 panel display kit options all with header panels. And all with free delivery! Take a look at the Busyfold range in Floorstanding and Table Top sections of Folding Panel Kits-
busyfold blue
busyfold tabletop

Folding Display Board Kits are a cost-effective way to exhibit. Panel folding kits are a lightweight yet robust display and can be set up in seconds, making the folding display board perfect for use on a small exhibition stand. Foldable lightweight exhibition panels are very easy to collapse and then be reassembled by just one person with no need for tools.

Display boards are a great solution as office dividers and screens. If you are looking to create a booth, separate an area for display purposes or have a display board as a screen to divide a room, tall display panel kits are a cost effective and user friendly solution. For that extra impact in the showroom or office, jumbo display stands are perfect for displaying huge posters or charts.

Display board kits are a popular choice for schools, universities and colleges. Panel Display boards are a popular choice for end of term displays, careers information and graphics.

Browse the entire range here – Folding Panel Kits

What to put in a 3×3 Exhibition Stand Space?

What is the best display option for a 3×3 Exhibition Stand Space? Have you booked your stand at your next event? A common stand space at the UK’s major exhibition halls is a 3m x 3m square shell scheme. With 9sq metres of floor space, what are you going to do get the most from your exhibition investment?

The beauty of a 3×3 stand is that there is scope for creativity but yet stands of this size can usually be assembled quickly, making them a practical and affordable stand size for many companies.

As getting the most out of your exhibition stand space is vital to ensure the maximum return on investment, it is important to select the right system for your business. The endless choice can be headache when it comes to making the final decision to fill the space. So we have boiled the huge array of exhibition systems on the market down into a few key solutions that will hopefully make the choice a bit easier. And the choice you make has a lot to do with your needs as an exhibitor?
3x3_Stand_with_Twist_-_Open_on_1_side_001MFor example, will you be transporting the exhibition equipment to the show yourself? Does it need to fit into a car? Do you want to be able to reuse the stand if you decide to have a different stand size at your next event? Do you have a lot of products to also display on the stand?

Foamex Boards:

Foamex panels attach directly to your shell scheme using Velcro dots or magtape, giving you the entire 9m square floor space to work with. In some cases it is possible to insert the panels directly into the shell scheme frame. Ideal if you need to save on space and have a lot to fit in as it doesn’t encroach into your floor area.

Centro Aluminium Framed Stands:

Aluminium framed stand constructed from straight aluminium profile components that graphic panels can be attached too. Ideal if you require a system that can be shortened, extended or altered to fit another layout and if you want to integrate accessories such as literature stands, tablet holders and digital screens.

Twist Linking Banners:

The Twist is a linked banner system. The banners are linked in two ways, one of which involves a smaller banner on a flexible rail which enables the creation of curves to join two standard banners. Great if you want to use separate banners in the future.

We’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of all the systems and put them all in one place on our website, to help you find the best system. Take a look at our Exhibition Stand Size page for 3x3m stand.

Pop Up Stand Sizes Explained

Pop Up Stands continue to be one of the exhibition industries favourite products. And yet if you are new to exhibiting the pop up sizes can sometimes be confusing.

3×3 Pop Up Stands are the most popular size of pop up display. But 3×3 is not to be confused by a stand that is 3m by 3m.

The reference of 3×3 refers to the number of cells in the pop up frame.


Each cell is approx. 70cm square, so a 3×3 stand measures 2225mm across and high and refers to the amount of frame sections wide by frame sections high.

Each frame section wide is designed to hold a single pop up graphic panel, and there should be a curved graphic at either end to form an end cap,  making the total number of graphics panels on a standard 3×3 pop up stand to be 5 panels –  3 main panels and 2 end caps.

Pop Up Stands are also available in a straight or curved configuration.

A great value pop up bundle from POD will include:

* pop up frame
* graphic panels* lighting
* case
*literature stand

Take a look at the different options here: to find out pop up stand sizes.

Modular Exhibition Stand Options…….

…….For Quality, Flexibility and Versatility it has to be a Modular Display System

We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes with every detail of creating exhibition and trade show display stands with our range of modular display stands.

6 (2)

By using a modular system we create for our customers cost effective yet visually impressive stand designs. And choosing to go modular has many advantages over more expensive custom stands:

  • A versatile option that is reconfigurable to fit different stand sizes
  • Interchangeable graphics for updating content, marketing messages or offers
  • Designed for multi-use exhibiting
  • Easier and quicker to build, saving on labour costs
  • Some systems can be self-built, saving installation costs
  • Lighter to transport, saving shipping costs

Our two most popular ranges are Esetta and Centro. Browse some examples of these versatile modular stands.  Use our modular stand design service by sending us your brief and we can help you find the perfect option for you.

We also have a fantastic range of furniture and accessories available for you to hire or buy including bar tables and stools, sofas, coffee tables, reception literature racks and multimedia displays.

How to maximise floor space on your Exhibition Stand?

Choose a system that allows you to get the most out of your valuable floor space. Esetta Shell Scheme Pro is one of the best systems to achieve this.

space-savingTake for example a 3×2 shell scheme at a popular exhibition venue. With average costs of £400 per sq metre, using as small a percentage of the shell scheme floor as possible is essential to maximise your return on investment.

Esetta uses just 4% of the shell scheme floor area and gives you 12sqm of graphic area for advertising.

Compare this to a 3×4 Pop Up Stand in the same area, and it takes us 35% of the floor area, giving you only 9sqm.

The square foot print of your stand can be used to great effect with Esetta Shell Scheme Pro as the exhibition hardware does not encroach into the stand space. This allows for more visitors onto the stand or for the integration of storage cupboards, counters and light boxes into your design, and wasted floor space is kept to a minimum. This can all simply be obtained with our Esetta Shell Scheme Pro modular displays

The benefits of cladding with Esetta Shell Scheme Pro:

DIY – The systems are simple to self build, saving you money on installation fees. The shell scheme Pro package is essentially a kit in a box. With use of the comprehensive installation guide, you can erect the system easily into your shell scheme.

Bespoke Look Achieved – The overall look of the stand has a professional, bespoke look and feel that is difficult to achieve with other self build modular stands. The inclusion of custom elements into the stand, gives the appearance of a bespoke design.

Unrestricted Artwork Design – The fabric graphics can be used to create large seamless graphic walls, not restricting the design of your artwork for each panel.

Maximum Graphic Area – A basic shell scheme package is a blank canvas. Using shell scheme graphics for advertising and branding over the entire height and width of the shell scheme panels will ensure that you don’t just blend in with every other exhibitor at the venue.

Its also adaptable for space only stands by simply adding feet, so it highly versatile. Take a look at the possibilities to upscale Esetta here

Why not utilise your floor space to the maximum with Esetta Shell Scheme Pro. Talk to the sales team on 01933 411159 for more details.

Esetta Shell Scheme Pro Coming Soon to POD

Create large seamless graphic walls without interruption for high impact marketing at your next event with impressive shell scheme graphics.

We are excited at the development of new Esetta Shell Scheme Pro packages for professional self build shell scheme displays.

Impressive Seamless Graphics6 (2)

The system allows users to clad out their shell scheme with digitally printed textile graphics for a high impact bespoke appearance. With only seconds to grab the attention of passers by at any event, it is crucial to capture attention immediately with vibrant, visually striking fabric graphics.

The seamless displays allow for unbroken graphic walls to enhance your design and promote your products, services or brand.

Maximise Stand Space

Exhibition space can be costly, so fully utilising the space that you have paid for is essential for a good return on investment. The beauty of Esetta Shell is the profile only impacts minimally into your space, maximising your ROI.

The square foot print of your stand can be used to great effect with exhibition hardware not encroaching into the stand space.

Versatility for Different Events

Integrating the shell scheme graphic displays in any type of shell scheme is easy with Esetta Shell Scheme Pro. The clamps fits all the shell scheme systems used by all the major exhibition and event venues including Octanorm, Foga, Modul, Syma and Click, making it suitable for over 95% of venues.

Additionally the systems can incorporate storage, doors, light boxes and counters to add to the bespoke feel of the exhibition stand.

With the Esetta Shell Scheme Pro, it’s never been easier to have a professional, bespoke looking display, whilst maximising the space in your stand that you’ve invested in. Simply choose the display that fits the shell scheme from our configurations.

Communicate your brand distinctly by cladding bare shell scheme walls with our vibrant full colour graphics shell scheme system. Call our sales team today for more details on 01933 411159.

Of course, this is just the beginning of what can be achieved with Esetta.  Read more here about the endless possibilities of large fabric structures in Esetta.

Additions to Linking Banner Stands Range – Stealth Linking Banner Kits

Stealth_Banner_Stand_Kit_1_001M Stealth_Banner_Stand_Kit_3_001M

Modular Linking Banner Stand Solutions….To bridge the gap between a simple banner exhibition stands and pop up displays, linking banner stands are popular choice.

Our linking banner stands include the Twist, Curve banner system and DL Plus Banners.  The linking banner stand solutions allow for multiple stands to be coupled together in order to create a much larger backdrop that can be adapted in shape to fit almost any stand area.

We’ve added the Stealth kits to the range. It’s a cost effective solution that is simple to put together. The kits have an automatic tensioning systems and adjustable feet for levelling on uneven ground.  Call the sales team for more information 0n 01933 411159.

Buy or Hire an Exhibition Stand?

With our expanding range of exhibition stands for both hire and purchase at POD, we’re often asked which is the best option – buy or rent?


unite hire
  • One off event – if you are new to exhibiting and have a  one-off event and you don’t want to commit to the purchase of an exhibition stand or portable display system – hiring a modular exhibition stand is the cost-effective solution.
  • Last Minute Shows – the availability of exhibition hardware to hire at short notice enables you to attend last minute events, additional events.
  • Easy Additions – Enlarge your existing exhibition stand with an additional rental display when your space requirements are bigger.  Incorporate literature stands, iPad holders and display screens quickly to your existing stand.
  • Schedule Conflicts – You have two exhibitions at the same time but only one exhibition stand. Renting an exhibition stand or portable display stand is a perfect solution
  • Limited Budget – If your exhibiting marketing budget won’t stretch to buying an exhibition stand but you don’t want to compromise on design or impact, hiring an exhibition stand provides the perfect cost-effective solution
  • International Exhibitions – using one company to design, install and look after all aspects of the exhibition, can make international exhibiting easy, trouble-free and cost-effective without having to store and transport the equipment yourself.
  • Check out hire options here.


buy centro
  • Exhibiting more than once – Once you have clear marketing strategy and know you’re going to be a regular attendee of an exhibition or trade shows, it’s time to start thinking of buying rather than renting.
  • Storage Options – Even if you have limited storage, by purchasing an exhibition stand, for a small cost will can still store all your exhibition equipment between shows.
  • Easy to install and transport – When you purchase an exhibition stand from POD, we can provide advice or training on how to easily assemble your modular stand,  giving you the confidence to install yourself at all future events, keeping costs down. Many of our modular stands are compact when stored, and easily fit into a car or small van, so you don’t need to rent a big transit van to get your stand to the show.
  • One-off price – It may be more expensive initially than renting, but once you’ve paid for your exhibition stand its yours to use as many times as you need to. The cost of buying compared to renting will easily be covered once you’ve attended 2 or more shows.
  • Greater Flexibility – Our modular stands are a good investment, as they can be reconfigured to fit a variety of different stand spaces, ideal for attending multiple shows where your stand space could be different each time.
  • Check out purchase options here