6 Creative Ways to Create an Award-Winning Exhibition Stand

exhibition standsHosting an exhibition stand at conferences or trade shows can be a cost-intensive part of any marketing plan.

To get a good return on that investment, you need more than products or services. You need a stand or booth that will attract people and keep them there long enough to understand your value proposition.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of ways to create noteworthy exhibition stands. Here, we outline six that are within the reach of companies of all sizes.

1. Go Digital

It’s surprising how many exhibition stands still don’t include digital elements. Some marketing managers might say that people like a break from technology so staying analog is a plus.

But in this digital age, exhibits that only use paper and reps to engage potential customers will feel out of step.

To show that your company is contemporary and engaging, use screens to run loops of short videos or polished slideshows.

You can also use a screen to display real-time Twitter feeds. This can draw attention and generate conversation, especially if the event hashtag is popular. It’s also helpful to have one of your team dedicated to tweeting about your products and the event to keep the feed active at all times.

Consider using free-standing digital signage with a touchscreen to gather feedback or offer quizzes.

2. Create a World

With so many kinds of exhibition stands available, it’s never been easier to transform the ordinary into unique worlds.

Let’s say you sell aquarium gear. Do you think your competitors will have an exhibition stand that doubles as an underwater world? Probably not.

Creating a world within your exhibition stand gives your visitors an experience. And, experiences are often more memorable than things.

But it takes more than effective use of space to build a world. Staff should be in relevant yet professional costume. The decor needs to be functional and aligned with the imagined world. Games and prizes should also reinforce the experience.

Establishing a unique world within the conference requires imagination and a willingness to push boundaries. It can be done within an exhibition stand of any size but has greater impact when large stands are used.

3. Make It Interactive

Give people a chance to interact with your exhibit booth to help build a relationship with them.

There are two kinds of interactivity when it comes to exhibition stands: isolated and social.

Installing touch screens with quizzes or choose-your-own-adventure style product information is isolated interactivity. It can be effective for sharing information and getting people to understand how your product or service can solve their problems.

Social interactivity often has less of a direct line to your products and services. But it can accelerate engagement through a more dynamic experience.

An example of social interactivity at exhibition stands involves word clouds. A word cloud is an image composed of words where the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance.

Give people access to a keyboard connected to a word cloud generator.

Ask them to type words or phrases related to a theme. It can be serious or playful. On a large screen that everyone can see, display the word cloud.

As people type, the cloud will change in real-time. Often major themes emerge and there’s usually a laugh or two. The goal of social interactivity is to generate conversation and a sense of community right there at your booth.

4. Add a Selfie Spot

There are many ways to make exhibition stands ready for Instagram. The most common and popular, when done well, is the selfie spot.

People love telling their followers “Here I am!” so don’t miss the opportunity to get your logo or product in each pic.

You can set up a specific backdrop or “frame” for people to take a fun selfie. Be sure to make it clear what hashtag to use.

Or, if more than one aspect of your stand is a compelling selfie spot. Put cut-outs of footprints on the best place to stand. This will also help you manage traffic.

If you have a mascot, celebrity spokesperson, or well-known executive at the conference, have designated times when they’ll be there for selfies.

5. Use Bold Images

The best exhibition stands can draw people from across a crowded room. Because of noise levels, music won’t work.

Instead, get loud with images.

Get high-quality images that relate to your brand or product. Those featuring people or animals are the most compelling. Enlarge them beyond the expected size for the greatest impact.

The goal of bold images is to spark the imagination. Consider extreme close-ups or intricate patterns to draw people in.

Make sure that tables, chairs, and lights don’t block the view.

6. Support a Charity

This idea for attractive exhibition stands focuses on what happens at the stand, more than how it is built. Still, it can be used in combination with any of the above.

Before the conference or trade show, choose a charity that aligns with your brand. Let them know you’ll be supporting them throughout the event.

Your support could be a one-time donation or a percentage of each sale made at the trade show. Some companies give employees time to volunteer with charities that need extra hands.

Include information about your donations in event programs and notices. Use stories and images at your stand to show why you’re supporting the charity.

Without detracting from your own products and services, help visitors learn about your chosen charitable organization. Being an active corporate citizen can build loyalty among customers.

Know the Value of Your Exhibition Stands

It’s easy to go overboard when creating exhibition stands. It’s just as easy to do very little to make yours stand out.

Before spending time and money on a stand, know its potential value to your business. Set useful targets.

For example, establish how many leads you need to generate. Or how many units you need to sell on the spot.

Plan your exhibit booth to serve those goals. Think about how often you’ll need to reuse the stand and how to keep it fresh.

At Pod Exhibition, we offer a wide range of options. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the right stand for your business. Call or drop by our showroom today!

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Exhibition Display Stands

Exhibition DisplayAre you tired of renting exhibition display stands for your events? Are you ready to buy your own?

Buying the right display for your events includes taking into consideration a whole host of things.

You need to take into account which type of display stands suits your goals.

Keep reading to find out more about how to choose the right exhibition display stand with our ultimate guide.

What Are Exhibition Display Stands?

Display stands are an essential marketing tool for your business.

They are portable marketing banners to promote your business or organization.

Don’t worry if you’re not practical. They’re easy to set up and use.

It doesn’t matter what type of business or organization you are. Everyone can benefit from access to a visually impressive and informative stand.

Display stands can be useful to attract attention to you at conferences, festivals or shows. Whatever the event, a display stand can make all the difference to you being noticed.

No business is complete without a display stand to show off what they’re about.

Why Buy a Display Stand?

Although renting a display stand for your first show or event might make sense, after a few times, it makes sense to buy your own stand.

As a regular user of exhibition stands, you may need specific types of stand for each event.

What’s Your Budget?

While it’s easy to think that renting a display stand for every show makes sense. After all, it’s not too costly.

But you need to think in terms of multiple exhibitions shows that you attend.

But there are also operational, storage and transportation costs that you have to take into account.

By considering these many other costs, you can make an informed choice about whether buying a display stand is worthwhile.

Do Your Research!

Anyone who has booked a spot an exhibition show has heard of the term “preferred supplier”. This usually features in the exhibition manual.

This includes references to the various items, including exhibition display stands, that may be required for show attendees with stands.

However, don’t be fooled into purchasing your display stand from this “preferred supplier”. It simply means that this particular supplier of display stands have an agreement with the exhibition organizers.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t purchase your exhibition stand from such suppliers. But rather, it’s important to realize that you’re free to decide who you purchase your display stand from.

Even though carrying out research may be a time-consuming and exhausting process, it’s much more cost-effective and time-saving in the long-run.

What’s Your Goal?

There are many reasons why people purchase exhibition stands. In order to realize which type of stand you require, you need to decide what you’re trying to achieve.

After all, the display stand has to meet your requirements. Display stands can be customized to suit you, whatever your business needs.

You need to take into account everything from the location of your event to the extent of the foot-fall before you can decide which exhibition display you need.

Types of Display Stands

Do you need a display stand for trade show events held outdoors? Or, maybe you require a corporate looking stand for large conference halls?

While indoor display stands are designed to grab the attention of large groups of people from across the room. But the outdoor version is great at catching the eye of passers-by.

Display stands are also available in a large range of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Retractable Display Stands

Are you looking for a display stand that’s easy to transport and set up?

Retractable display stands may be the best option for you. If you’re regularly using your stand and you’re always on the go, you need a stand that it’s convenient, light and portable.

Retractable display stands are also available as double-sided. This allows you to show off to both sides of the crowd.

At the end of the day, all you have to do is retract the banner and pack it away into the case. After this, you can easily store it in your vehicle until next time.

Digital Touch Screens

If you’re looking to make a bigger splash with your exhibition display stand, you may consider purchasing digital touch screens.

By providing your customers with an interactive platform, you can really show off what your organization or business does.

This allows you to include a greater amount of information and images related to your business.

This also allows you to make demonstrations with the aid of video clips on the digital touch screen. After a hard days work, you can pack it up in a carrying case.

While digital touch screens are definitely the more costly alternative, they’re definitely worth the investment to wow your customers.

A Stand to Support You

The primary point of a display stand is to support you and your colleagues during the exhibition show.

This may include helping you to explain something or providing visitors with information about your business.

However, it’s important to take advantage of the presence a display stand provides. For instance, make sure none of your colleagues are obstructing the view of the display stand. Otherwise, this could defeat the purpose of the stand.

Buy Your Own Exhibition Display Stands

Now that you know what to consider when purchasing your display stand, you can make sure you design the right one for your business or organizational needs.

It’s essential to consider how each display banner can help you to grow and attract new people to what you do.

Get in touch to find out more about buying your own exhibition display stand.

Printed Panel Kits – Simple Graphic Solutions for Display Boards


Panel kits continue to be a popular choice for entry level exhibiting at small shows, trade fairs, conferences and shopping centre displays.  Why not smarten up your panel kit with printed graphic panels.

If posters stuck with pins are providing an inadequate image for your company, an effective solution for branding are printed Foamex panels with your logo or marketing message. The printed panels can be velcroed on to your panel kit, giving a professional finish.

Folding display panel kits are portable, lightweight and versatile type of display board.  The are supplied with a carry bag for easy transportation to each event.

Take a look at the Folding Panel Kits here.  Options for the graphic boards and prices for the printed panels will be up on the website soon. Please call the sales team for prices 01933 411159.



New Exhibition Event Trailers for Roadshows & Outdoor Events

An exciting new addition to the Outdoor Exhibition Range – Exhibition trailers and mobile exhibition units.

exhibition event trailer

 Oregon_Exhibition_Trailer_006We are now featuring a range of exhibition trailers for events and road shows available to buy and to hire. As well as providing the exhibition trailers, we can supply graphics and additional equipment such as flags, digital screens and furniture.

The versatility of these new exhibition trailers makes them perfect for not only outdoor exhibitions and roadshows, but also supermarket car parks, town centre displays, showgrounds and hospitality events. The beauty of the trailer is that it can incorporate all the display and branding elements you need in one central location that can be used again and again. And for exhibiting outdoors, exhibition trailers provide good shelter from rain, shade from the sun & excellent protection in windy conditions.

Whether you are buying, or hiring from us, we offer a bespoke graphics service that can enhance the look and potential of your exhibition trailer graphics.  Read more about the range here – Exhibition Event Trailers

Modular Exhibition Stand Options…….

…….For Quality, Flexibility and Versatility it has to be a Modular Display System

We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes with every detail of creating exhibition and trade show display stands with our range of modular display stands.

6 (2)

By using a modular system we create for our customers cost effective yet visually impressive stand designs. And choosing to go modular has many advantages over more expensive custom stands:

  • A versatile option that is reconfigurable to fit different stand sizes
  • Interchangeable graphics for updating content, marketing messages or offers
  • Designed for multi-use exhibiting
  • Easier and quicker to build, saving on labour costs
  • Some systems can be self-built, saving installation costs
  • Lighter to transport, saving shipping costs

Our two most popular ranges are Esetta and Centro. Browse some examples of these versatile modular stands.  Use our modular stand design service by sending us your brief and we can help you find the perfect option for you.

We also have a fantastic range of furniture and accessories available for you to hire or buy including bar tables and stools, sofas, coffee tables, reception literature racks and multimedia displays.

Supporting PLASgran Recycling Specialists with their Modular Exhibition Stand

It’s always good to hear about successful shows for our customers. We’ve been happy to supply PLASgran Recycling Specialists. They recently exhibited at two industry trade shows Interplas and RWM using an Esetta Modular Display stand from POD.

PRE Snapshot 2

They wanted to incorporate light boxes, a reception counter, seating areas and literature stands into their design.  They were heading to the British Plastics Show – Interplas on 30 Sept – 2 October at NEC Birmingham and RWM on the 15 – 17 September.

PLASgran had opted for a turnkey solution, a fully managed stand option where we install the exhibition stand before the show and set up everything ready for the first day of the show.

PRE Snapshot 3

After two succesful shows,preparations are under way for 2015 Trade shows.  Take a look a our Modular stand options to see how PLASgran achieved their stand.

Top Tips to attract and engage visitors at your exhibition stand

So after investing in your space or stand at your next event, to make the most of the exhibition stand two things are essential 1) Attract as many visitors as possible to the stand and 2) Engage with them once you have them on the stand.

Getting these two elements right is the key to a successful show and results in more sales, increased conversions, greater networking opportunities and lots of new leads. Here are a couple of top tips.

Attract and Engage – How to do it?

It may seem obvious but successful engagement is only possible if you have visitors on your stand, so it all starts with attracting attention your stand.

Eye catching stand designA stand with stunning design features can be more attractive than anything else. Many design companies focus solely on conveying information and not always about attracting attention. Light boxes, uninterrupted graphic walls, bold colours and innovative lighting can help to draw people to you.

Stand long (2)

Technology, Digital Screens & Multimedia Audio visual displays can provide a more compelling message than simple static graphics. A neat gadget or two can be like a shiny object to a magpie, and a stand with a crowd around will attract even more attention as everyone passing by wants to see what is going on.

Workshops and seminars Many exhibition attendees are looking for new, innovative and workable solutions to challenges that arise in your industry. Developing captivating and well-researched topics that will excite your target audience and demonstrate solutions to some of your industry’s challenges.

Entertain your visitorsWithout being too gimmicky, entertainment is a good way of gaining initial attention. From music to celebrity endorsements, find ways appropriate to your industry to entertain visitors.

Freebies – Free giveaways are a popular way to entice visitors to your stand. Competitions and free prize draws also can attract people to your stand, particularly if linked with social media pre show buzz.


Depending on your industry and sector there are many ways to do this, but a combination of some of these will work. Many of these can be used successfully on exhibition stands:

Refreshments – Coffee is always a good choice for a few reasons: you are offering something everyone will want at some point in the day, it gives you time to engage with visitors, and a caffeine boost picks everyone up.

Media Content – A high-quality media presentation can be eye-catching, stimulating and informative. Including a call-to-action such as “scan this QR-code to send us an email” or “take one of our leaflets” is a good way to increase follow-up contacts.

Live TweetsDisplay a live Twitter feed and allow visitors to follow you, use your #hashtag and ask questions to your offsite social media sales team – helping to engage and inform your visitors even when all your on-site staff are busy.

Use TabletsiPads display stands are essential for data capture, getting contact details, completing surveys and demonstrating your products. People are also far more likely to leave their contact details on an iPad or tablet than a long paper form.

Always Follow Up

However you decide to attract and engage visitors to your stand, it is always important to follow up with your new leads within a few days of the exhibition. Make your investments work for you.


POD’s Top Tips for Exhibiting Autumn 2014

We are gearing up for a busy season here at POD Exhibitions, so we’ve put together some of our top tips for exhibiting during Autumn 2014.


  • Know your Audience – who will be at the show and why are they attending? What do you have that is unique to offer them, to engage them and to remember you?
  • Focus your marketing message – have a clear concise design on your exhibition graphics to focus visitors on your marketing message.
  • Set Measurable Goals – are you focused on a product launch, generating leads or brand awareness or pure sales? Set achievable goals and focus your efforts on your objective
  • Include Interactivity – more and more exhibitors are benefiting from interactive elements to their stand, so include touch screens or iPad kiosks to engage visitors.
  • Promote Post Show, During and Post Show – Let everyone know you are going to be there. Rave about it on social media, put it on your website, add the details on your emails, blog about it, talk to everyone about it.
  • Omni Channel Marketing – it may be the latest buzzword in the marketing world, but ensuring the customer has a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device is important. Consumers can now engage with a company in a physical store, online, website or mobile app, through a catalogue or on social media. The customers experience should be consistent and complementary and this includes at the show.
  • Always Follow up – even the slightest bit of interest generated at the show should be followed up, its the only way to maximise your ROI.

If you’ve yet to design your stand and need help for your next event give us a call on 01933 411159. Take a look at our modular stand solutions here

Esetta Shell Scheme Pro Coming Soon to POD

Create large seamless graphic walls without interruption for high impact marketing at your next event with impressive shell scheme graphics.

We are excited at the development of new Esetta Shell Scheme Pro packages for professional self build shell scheme displays.

Impressive Seamless Graphics6 (2)

The system allows users to clad out their shell scheme with digitally printed textile graphics for a high impact bespoke appearance. With only seconds to grab the attention of passers by at any event, it is crucial to capture attention immediately with vibrant, visually striking fabric graphics.

The seamless displays allow for unbroken graphic walls to enhance your design and promote your products, services or brand.

Maximise Stand Space

Exhibition space can be costly, so fully utilising the space that you have paid for is essential for a good return on investment. The beauty of Esetta Shell is the profile only impacts minimally into your space, maximising your ROI.

The square foot print of your stand can be used to great effect with exhibition hardware not encroaching into the stand space.

Versatility for Different Events

Integrating the shell scheme graphic displays in any type of shell scheme is easy with Esetta Shell Scheme Pro. The clamps fits all the shell scheme systems used by all the major exhibition and event venues including Octanorm, Foga, Modul, Syma and Click, making it suitable for over 95% of venues.

Additionally the systems can incorporate storage, doors, light boxes and counters to add to the bespoke feel of the exhibition stand.

With the Esetta Shell Scheme Pro, it’s never been easier to have a professional, bespoke looking display, whilst maximising the space in your stand that you’ve invested in. Simply choose the display that fits the shell scheme from our configurations.

Communicate your brand distinctly by cladding bare shell scheme walls with our vibrant full colour graphics shell scheme system. Call our sales team today for more details on 01933 411159.

Of course, this is just the beginning of what can be achieved with Esetta.  Read more here about the endless possibilities of large fabric structures in Esetta.

Additions to Linking Banner Stands Range – Stealth Linking Banner Kits

Stealth_Banner_Stand_Kit_1_001M Stealth_Banner_Stand_Kit_3_001M

Modular Linking Banner Stand Solutions….To bridge the gap between a simple banner exhibition stands and pop up displays, linking banner stands are popular choice.

Our linking banner stands include the Twist, Curve banner system and DL Plus Banners.  The linking banner stand solutions allow for multiple stands to be coupled together in order to create a much larger backdrop that can be adapted in shape to fit almost any stand area.

We’ve added the Stealth kits to the range. It’s a cost effective solution that is simple to put together. The kits have an automatic tensioning systems and adjustable feet for levelling on uneven ground.  Call the sales team for more information 0n 01933 411159.