7 Exhibition Stand Design Tips To Stand Out

exhibition stand designSo you’ve got the chance to have your business displayed in front of hundred of eyes. Great job! But don’t think just showing up to the event will be enough. You’ll need to add some pizzazz to your exhibition stand design to stand out from everyone else.

Do you know how to make your business one of the highlights of the exhibition? If not, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with seven tips to help you out. Check out these tips below if you want to make your stand the center of everyone’s attention.

1. Make the Height Right

Having posters, signs and panels that are people can’t see is an obvious mistake you want to avoid. But what are the right sizes for each type of marketing tool that you’ll be using.

First, you’ll want to check in with organizers of the event to make sure you’re following size guidelines within your display. The next thing to consider is which signs are for which purposes. For example, if you have a large panel or cutout type of display you may want to use this to attract people over to your display.

These types of displays should be at eye or head level of the average height of people in the room. Use the maximum amount of height that the event will allow for with this one.

Also, make sure any banners or signs at the table are large enough to be seen across a room. Make the most out of the height and width restrictions you’re given.

2. Keep Your Branding Clean

You should have your branding established before you go to the event. If you don’t, get started right away. Settle on your colors, fonts, and other aspects of your display. This will ensure that your exhibition stand design looks cohesive and well put together.

Make sure your logo is high quality and people can easily find it. However, don’t just throw it on any and everything at your exhibit. Plan careful placement for your logo across all your marketing materials.

3. Use High Quality Images

This is very important. Using high quality visuals is one of the best ways to display a company’s products and services. Choosing the best photos to represent your brand is crucial.

Don’t use any grainy, low-resolution graphics. It’ll be a huge turn-off for people who can’t out what your pictures are. Invest in the best quality images for everything included in your display.

Be sure to use relevant pictures that belong to you through licensing permissions. Be careful not to use any inappropriate, offensive or upsetting photos.

4. Add Video and Audio

Incorporating video and audio helps create great experiences for potentials customers. This is essential for performance products, such as a cleaning or skin care products and services.

Use tools for video and audio to bring the presentation to life. There are plenty of apps and programs that you can use for good quality editing if you’re on a budget.

Show customer testimonials on a screen and live examples of results. Use the products or candid moments of people using the product or service. Music is another great feature to add. Use upbeat tempos to manipulate the mood of the crowd. Just remember to keep it appropriate and relevant.

5. Make Your Display Bright with Some Good Light

Take advantage of the opportunity if you’re able to add extra light fixtures. This is another feature that allows you to turn your exhibition stand design into a full experience for visitors. There are plenty of ways and reasons why you should use proper lighting.

For instance, you can make your display brighter to see the product or service better. This helps people who don’t have great vision to notice your exhibition. Also, incorporate your brand colors to enhance the effect and bring the display to life more.

Get creative with your lighting if you’re permitted!

6. Communicate Your Company’s Message Clearly

The look of your exhibition might attract people initially, but they may not stick around if they can’t figure out what you’re offering. Your business’ message should be clear and welcoming to your audience.

Make sure you present the most important information for potential customers first. Also, make sure you educate them on who you are and the benefits of your company. Your marketing materials should include your slogan and details on your product or service’s uses, benefits, ingredients and what makes it special overall.

Your visitors will lose interest if you overload them with information, or don’t give them enough to understand what you’re selling. Hire a professional copywriter to assist with articulating your company’s mission. Get everything proofread and edited to be sure that your copy reflects your company’s message.

7. Create a Theme for Your Exhibition Stand Design

Create a cohesive theme for potential buyers. Creating a concept for your display helps achieve this, especially if you have a lot of separate ideas that you want to include in your exhibit.

Sticking to one theme helps tie things together and keep a singular focus on your exhibition stand design. Consider hiring a branding specialist or strategist to assist with including all of your desired elements without making your display too messy or chaotic.

Make Your Business Stand Out at Your Next Event

The best way to ensure that your exhibition stand design stands out at your next event is to plan ahead. Avoid waiting until the last minute to put everything together. You’ll need to reach out to organizers as far in advance as possible to ensure that you get all materials within permitted guidelines.

Hire professionals to help you with things you’re unsure about and invest in the best quality materials that you can. Overall, keep it simple, professional and fun.

Got any tips from your own event experiences? Let us know below! If you need exhibition stands for your next event but aren’t sure what the best option is for you, contact us today.

A guide to creating effective exhibition spaces

A guide to creating effective exhibition spaces

In the world of business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage with more customers and create lasting links between companies and clients. Throughout the year, hundreds of exhibitions and trade shows take place around the country, giving companies the chance to attract more business and promote their service. With so much competition, it can be hard to stand out in the vast crowd of brands and logos. Here are some ways to improve your next exhibition stand and engage with more clients.


The most important thing to aim for when setting up an exhibition space is to grab people’s attention and catch the eyes of people passing by. This is where the use of bright and vibrant colour can help your brand get the recognition it needs. It’s important to remember that the colours and graphics you display must represent your brand but be sure to make your display pop so you can initially grab people’s attention and then wow them with your service.

Unique space

You will often find that many company’s stands at exhibitions feature the same layout and a very similar design. It is always the companies which go above and beyond by creating a unique structure or stand that get most of the attention at trade shows. It’s important to think outside of the box by utilising things such as Modular Building Blocks to create customised stands that aren’t bound by the dimensions of traditional exhibition display stands.


Whether you’re a small business with a compact setup or a huge brand with all kinds of products on display, the layout of your exhibition space is very important when it comes to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the consumer or client. Think about the flow of traffic through the exhibition hall and design your exhibit’s layout in a way that provides easy access to all of your material while allowing visitors to move seamlessly throughout your displays without getting caught up.


In the digital world, it’s no longer enough to hand out free pens and leaflets if you hope to engage with consumers and peak their interest in your service. There is now an increasing number of ways that technology can be integrated into your exhibition stand in order to attract more visitors. For example, touchscreen displays and mobile phone charging ports are a great way to entice people in and get them involved. The mixture of technology and a creative stand design is a recipe for success.

Call POD Exhibitions now for more information.

How modular exhibition building blocks can help you stand out.

We all want to stand out at an exhibition, but often it is easier said than done. So if you’ve been hunting for a stand for a while, but nothing seems to meet your expectations, why not consider modular building blocks? Flexible and simple to assemble, they provide a striking solution for those looking for an unusual stand.

Guaranteed to make you stand out, the only limit to what you can create is you.


So, how do they work?

Well it’s time to unleash your inner child and get creative. Essentially large Lego bricks, modular building blocks provide limitless opportunities for the creatively-minded. Slotting together like traditional blocks, they make it easy to create exhibition stands of any size, shape, and format.

Shaped just like Lego bricks, they clip together securely on top of one another to create a wall of bricks. Measuring 30x15x15cm, you won’t need many to make one side of a stand. Allowing you to create what you want, when you want, modular building blocks have been used to create a whole host of eye-catching structures for exhibitions!

Are there any limits?

Of course there are limits with what you can achieve, but these are probably much more far reaching that you first think. You’re not limited to blocks and squares after all. You can create sculptures like houses, people, and even mock awards with ease to add a bit of interest to your stand. Making you instantly recognisable and enabling you to stand out, it is this kind of creativity that can make you the one delegates continue to talk about long after the exhibition.

Are they expensive?

In short, no. Costing less than £10 each, they often work out much better value than purchasing a large stand for a show or event. Of course, the pennies do add up with the more you buy.

Can I use them again?

Just like exhibition stands, modular building blocks can be used time and time again. However unlike many exhibition stands, they won’t date. So should your branding change or you change your offering, you’ll still be able to keep the same blocks.

What colours are available?

Modular building blocks come in a whole host of colours to suit all needs. From black to red, orange to purple, and white to gold, we guarantee you’ll not be left wishing there were more options.

So go on, try modular building blocks for your next stand!

To find out more about individual modular building blocks, click here. Alternatively, browse our modular building block section.

How to deliver the best exhibition experience – No 1: Engagement

Why is engagement important?

Meeting face to face in the exhibition or trade show environment should really should be far more interesting than just speaking on the phone or browsing the internet or being at your desk. Engaging Exhibition stands

It really should be a pleasurable experience, for not only you, the exhibitor, but also the visitor.

You will be in a better frame of mind as the person on the stand, who is talking, engaging, helping, involving clients, if you are enjoying yourself and feeling proud of what you have around you and the point s of engagement. On the other hand the visitor who has made the effort and even paid to come to the event needs to enjoy the experience of being on your stand.

What is your goal?

To “be remembered”, “to stand out”! , to be “easy for the visitor to recall” to mind when they think of the event, obviously for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones. To be memorable, is to be a success when it comes to your core involvement.blue fish

When you need to remember a main point and information needs to be retained in a written or spoken format, Illustrations are used so the information can easily be recalled, the point made and it can be applied and therefore be useful.

The same is true with your exhibition stand – it needs to be recalled to mind easily, with the main point of your stand dancing in their head, engagement on your stand does this.
How can this be achieved?

The most memorable exhibits you can probably remember now, probably offered you the best memories. Perhaps a great coffee, really happy staff. Maybe there was a fun game you played. Perhaps you learnt something really interesting or just sat and chilled on an extremely comfy sofa. It’s not necessarily all about the quality of the stand but the engagement once your visitors are in it.

Points to consider

It’s obvious but so vital to use as many of the 5 senses as possible. For instance smell – coffee, new car leather, fresh bread – What is a favourite smell that you could transport to the show that would enhance the visitor’s experience of your stand.

An example that can be cited is of a well-known travel agents exhibitropicaltion space which transported you (or your nose anyway!) to relaxing or fun holiday times by using the smell of sun cream !
Theres more…

Also consider the show as just one part of the bigger company marketing campaign –What do I mean. Well if your show is in April, use opportunities before and after the show to promote, enhance and continue the theme of your stand or show. Think of it as a whole year, the campaign, pre and post show and not as 3 days of the show.

Engage people throughout the year via social media, emails, functions, website promotions etc.

How can you involve and entertain visitors to your stand?

People really do like to play games; it’s usually a long day at a show people want to be entertained, so to play is a basic human need that we all did a lot, as a kid, but probably not so much now.

However, it brings out emotions, it connects us to good memories and feelings and that’s what we want.
have fun“Fundamentally People love to play and win” – let them.

In addition fun content, interesting trivia and small bytes entertainment media, it’s not classed as work. In today’s fast paced environment it’s the norm to want on-demand-entertainment in smaller chunks. People now download a song rather than an album, a 30 sec video rather that a film. Generally, our attention span is dwindling so it’s important to match the engagement we show to the times we live in.

Have a look at our “big lego blocks” which people love to play with. Perhaps to create a unique structure, tower or even a small puzzle on your exhibition stand! get you r message across too and put your branding, message or details on the blocks too!
Do’s and don’ts

How many times have you complained about someone treating you unprofessionally or being unhelpful? We all expect to be treated correctly and it makes a big impact when customer service and manners are lacking in social interactions.

Remember over 90% of communication is non-verbal so we need to be professional and believe that it is our way of engaging with people

The person that sells the best is the person that is motivated and well trained – Your initial 30 seconds make the main difference to whether a person is going to be interested or not.


Please don’t eat on the stand – No to sandwiches/subs/crisps
No Playing solitaire on your iPad
No texting your friends constantly on your phone
No chewing gum with your mouth open
No hands in pockets
No frowns (Smiley face please)
Is that it?

Engagement is only ONE way in which POD Exhibitions can help support you deliver the Best Exhibition Experience at your next event.

This is the first of 5 articles. The next article will show how Creativity can play a vital role in delivering the best experience at your exhibition.

Pre Exhibition Preparations – Tips to Create a Buzz

social media


Once booked for an exhibition, show or event, letting people know you are going to be there is essential for the success of the event. But spreading the word about your attendance at a particular show can be a challenging task.

Social media allow you to reach out to wide audiences but it’s important to target the right attendees.

Here are few tips to help create the buzz:


1)    Tell everyone
Accessing existing customers is absolutely essential when promoting your event. Tell everyone you are going to be there, from potential to customers, to existing clients to suppliers. Use direct mail campaigns, email marketing, website promotions and social media
2)    Use the right hashtag
Find out the official hashtag of the exhibition you are exhibiting at. Getting the event hashtag right is crucial for stirring attendees’ online conversations. The event hashtag allows the event audience to stay connected before, during and after the event.
3)    Join the conversation
Weeks before the exhibition listen to the backchannel buzz especially on Twitter. Learn what people are talking about, what their expectations and concerns are and what they are expecting to see and do at the exhibition. Engage visitors in the dialogue.
4)    Consolidate promotional activity
Take advantage of as many promotional opportunities as possible making sure they fit into your overall sales and marketing objectives and your budget for the show. Make sure your promotional activity is integrated, focused and consistent in the messages it conveys.
5)    Encourage networking
Get to know potential attendees before the show and encourage networking. Boost the excitement by Pre-booking as many appointments as possible.

Top Tips to attract and engage visitors at your exhibition stand

So after investing in your space or stand at your next event, to make the most of the exhibition stand two things are essential 1) Attract as many visitors as possible to the stand and 2) Engage with them once you have them on the stand.

Getting these two elements right is the key to a successful show and results in more sales, increased conversions, greater networking opportunities and lots of new leads. Here are a couple of top tips.

Attract and Engage – How to do it?

It may seem obvious but successful engagement is only possible if you have visitors on your stand, so it all starts with attracting attention your stand.

Eye catching stand designA stand with stunning design features can be more attractive than anything else. Many design companies focus solely on conveying information and not always about attracting attention. Light boxes, uninterrupted graphic walls, bold colours and innovative lighting can help to draw people to you.

Stand long (2)

Technology, Digital Screens & Multimedia Audio visual displays can provide a more compelling message than simple static graphics. A neat gadget or two can be like a shiny object to a magpie, and a stand with a crowd around will attract even more attention as everyone passing by wants to see what is going on.

Workshops and seminars Many exhibition attendees are looking for new, innovative and workable solutions to challenges that arise in your industry. Developing captivating and well-researched topics that will excite your target audience and demonstrate solutions to some of your industry’s challenges.

Entertain your visitorsWithout being too gimmicky, entertainment is a good way of gaining initial attention. From music to celebrity endorsements, find ways appropriate to your industry to entertain visitors.

Freebies – Free giveaways are a popular way to entice visitors to your stand. Competitions and free prize draws also can attract people to your stand, particularly if linked with social media pre show buzz.


Depending on your industry and sector there are many ways to do this, but a combination of some of these will work. Many of these can be used successfully on exhibition stands:

Refreshments – Coffee is always a good choice for a few reasons: you are offering something everyone will want at some point in the day, it gives you time to engage with visitors, and a caffeine boost picks everyone up.

Media Content – A high-quality media presentation can be eye-catching, stimulating and informative. Including a call-to-action such as “scan this QR-code to send us an email” or “take one of our leaflets” is a good way to increase follow-up contacts.

Live TweetsDisplay a live Twitter feed and allow visitors to follow you, use your #hashtag and ask questions to your offsite social media sales team – helping to engage and inform your visitors even when all your on-site staff are busy.

Use TabletsiPads display stands are essential for data capture, getting contact details, completing surveys and demonstrating your products. People are also far more likely to leave their contact details on an iPad or tablet than a long paper form.

Always Follow Up

However you decide to attract and engage visitors to your stand, it is always important to follow up with your new leads within a few days of the exhibition. Make your investments work for you.


POD’s Top Tips for Exhibiting Autumn 2014

We are gearing up for a busy season here at POD Exhibitions, so we’ve put together some of our top tips for exhibiting during Autumn 2014.


  • Know your Audience – who will be at the show and why are they attending? What do you have that is unique to offer them, to engage them and to remember you?
  • Focus your marketing message – have a clear concise design on your exhibition graphics to focus visitors on your marketing message.
  • Set Measurable Goals – are you focused on a product launch, generating leads or brand awareness or pure sales? Set achievable goals and focus your efforts on your objective
  • Include Interactivity – more and more exhibitors are benefiting from interactive elements to their stand, so include touch screens or iPad kiosks to engage visitors.
  • Promote Post Show, During and Post Show – Let everyone know you are going to be there. Rave about it on social media, put it on your website, add the details on your emails, blog about it, talk to everyone about it.
  • Omni Channel Marketing – it may be the latest buzzword in the marketing world, but ensuring the customer has a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device is important. Consumers can now engage with a company in a physical store, online, website or mobile app, through a catalogue or on social media. The customers experience should be consistent and complementary and this includes at the show.
  • Always Follow up – even the slightest bit of interest generated at the show should be followed up, its the only way to maximise your ROI.

If you’ve yet to design your stand and need help for your next event give us a call on 01933 411159. Take a look at our modular stand solutions here

Buy or Hire an Exhibition Stand?

With our expanding range of exhibition stands for both hire and purchase at POD, we’re often asked which is the best option – buy or rent?


unite hire
  • One off event – if you are new to exhibiting and have a  one-off event and you don’t want to commit to the purchase of an exhibition stand or portable display system – hiring a modular exhibition stand is the cost-effective solution.
  • Last Minute Shows – the availability of exhibition hardware to hire at short notice enables you to attend last minute events, additional events.
  • Easy Additions – Enlarge your existing exhibition stand with an additional rental display when your space requirements are bigger.  Incorporate literature stands, iPad holders and display screens quickly to your existing stand.
  • Schedule Conflicts – You have two exhibitions at the same time but only one exhibition stand. Renting an exhibition stand or portable display stand is a perfect solution
  • Limited Budget – If your exhibiting marketing budget won’t stretch to buying an exhibition stand but you don’t want to compromise on design or impact, hiring an exhibition stand provides the perfect cost-effective solution
  • International Exhibitions – using one company to design, install and look after all aspects of the exhibition, can make international exhibiting easy, trouble-free and cost-effective without having to store and transport the equipment yourself.
  • Check out hire options here.


buy centro
  • Exhibiting more than once – Once you have clear marketing strategy and know you’re going to be a regular attendee of an exhibition or trade shows, it’s time to start thinking of buying rather than renting.
  • Storage Options – Even if you have limited storage, by purchasing an exhibition stand, for a small cost will can still store all your exhibition equipment between shows.
  • Easy to install and transport – When you purchase an exhibition stand from POD, we can provide advice or training on how to easily assemble your modular stand,  giving you the confidence to install yourself at all future events, keeping costs down. Many of our modular stands are compact when stored, and easily fit into a car or small van, so you don’t need to rent a big transit van to get your stand to the show.
  • One-off price – It may be more expensive initially than renting, but once you’ve paid for your exhibition stand its yours to use as many times as you need to. The cost of buying compared to renting will easily be covered once you’ve attended 2 or more shows.
  • Greater Flexibility – Our modular stands are a good investment, as they can be reconfigured to fit a variety of different stand spaces, ideal for attending multiple shows where your stand space could be different each time.
  • Check out purchase options here

Can you Afford not to Exhibit During an Economic Downturn?

Budget restraints, slashed marketing costs and a continuing quiet trading period may make you question the feasibility of your business exhibiting in this economic climate. And the decision to attend an exhibition will likely represent a significant marketing investment. So, should you continue to exhibit in financially tough times?

The simple answer is yes. Although this may mean certain cutbacks have to be made and you may not be able to afford a completely new revamped exhibition stand for your regular exhibition, exhibiting should not be ruled out.

For the majority of industries and markets the value and effectiveness of trade shows and exhibitions stays constant during an economic downturn. The overall attendance may be down on some of your usual exhibitions, but a core group of attendees cannot afford not to be there. To have face to face contact with this group, to showcase your new products or services is extremely valuable to your business and an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The consequences of not exhibiting

While saving money in the short term, by not exhibiting companies often face negative consequences on the road to recovery. Not being visible at the exhibition can send its own message, as customers may begin to make their own conclusions. The implication of this can result in a negative undercurrent to potential customers. They may avoid doing business with you if they think that your business is in financial difficulty and may fail at anytime in the near future.

It can also result in customers no longer seeing your business as a key player in the industry due to the loss of momentum in branding. They may feel that your business has nothing new to offer.

Not exhibiting also means that you are missing a vital opportunity to have face to face contact with your existing customers. Losing this personal contact with current customers during such a critical time can be disastrous.

The benefits of exhibiting

Nothing can replace the benefits a company gets from attending a trade show or exhibition. There are few places you can get great qualified leads. Only at an exhibition can you benefit from face to face interaction with potential customers.

You will have an ongoing presence within your industry, while many of your competitors may not be there. This will allow for smooth continuation of your branding and position in the market. If you are looking for quality but cost effective alternatives to your usual exhibition stands, banner stands or pop up stands why not let POD Exhibition Systems help out with your display stands?

Tips for Exhibiting during a Recession

As the recession doesn’t seem to be passing any time soon, now is the time more than ever too, focus on marketing, communicating with customers, generating leads and more than anything else – selling! Exhibitions and trade shows are a fantastic way to achieve all of these aims.

So what do you need to think about when exhibiting? How can you make your exhibition successful? How can you make sure your business will survive?

Establish a clear brand identity.
If your identity as a company has a confused message or identity, there is a good chance your customers will be confused too. Exhibiting is a great branding exercise that will get your name seen and get people talking. Your logos, strap line, sales message and company name, can be promoted at exhibitions with the use of literature, banners, graphics and multimedia display presentations, so that your brand is clearly fixed in peoples minds.

Stand out from your competitors. In a crowded market, it is essential that you business stand out from the crowd. Everything can begin to look all the same at exhibitions, so make your business stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on your exhibition equipment. However quality graphics and quality stands can really make the difference. It’s critical that you know what your competitors are doing, and also what they aren’t so that you can make your time at the exhibition successful.

Highlight your USP’s. Every successful product or service has unique selling points (USPs). It is important that you highlight the things that make them special. The biggest brands always emphasise their unique features, and this is the thing that will entice customers to buy your product over another companies. Is it the design that makes your product unique, is the ease of use, the appeal to the family market? If you don’t look like anything special, customers will naturally gravitate towards another company that does. In a difficult economic climate, your business needs every edge it’s got, so it’s a good idea to really play up all the positive and unique elements of your service or product.

Think like your customers. It is important to put yourself in the place of your customer. As the market changes and the downturn really takes hold, so do the needs of customers and the issues that they care about. And so must your messaging. Whether your customers are companies or consumers, everyone will be feeling the pinch. What does your product offer them during this touch economic climate? Will it save them money during a time when there’s not much around to save? Will it provide them with a little luxury, when it seems everything else is being taken away? If you really try and think like your customers and understand how to position your company to customers in relation to market conditions, it will definitely help you stay in line with what’s on customers’ minds.

Keep in touch with your core customers. And there is no better way to do this than at industry events and exhibitions. Competitors will be working harder than ever to poach your business, and your customers will be more aware than ever before of their buying power. Although expanding the business through marketing activities is essential, don’t lose sight of the need to retain your core customer base and establish and maintain good relations with them. Repeat custom is vital for every business too, so talk to your customers at the show and tell them that you value their business. Finding out what they hope to get out of the event will tell you what you need to change for next time.

Create a good impression. People make judgement calls based on early impressions. You might have a great product, but customers will see the effort you have put into your presence at the exhibition. Although it might seem basic, poor spelling, punctuation and grammar gives the indication of a lack of quality control, and a lack of effort on your part, so get it right. Check and double your literature and graphics, use quality exhibition equipment. Rather than cutting corners, make your exhibition budget work harder for you. Consider Modular Portable Display Stands over expensive custom built stands. Modular Portable Systems represent a far higher return on investment. These stands are less expensive, easier to transport, easier to erect and they can be reconfigured for larger or smaller events in the future.

In short, exhibiting can work out well for your company if you get it right. Don’t be tempted to cancel your plans to exhibit at your normal trade show or industry event. Business-to-Business trade shows are still recognised as the best place to find out what is happening in your market sector and to express your confidence in what your company has to offer. Why not let POD Exhibition Systems help you out with your display stands?