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Flag Display Accessories - Ground Stakes, Rubber Base, Wall Mounts, Cross Bases

Outdoor flags come with a variety of base options to ensure that your flag display is as stable as possible in all weather environments. These include fixed or rotating cross base, folding universal cross base with water bag and circular rubber bases.

Feather Flag Accessories - Flag Ground Stakes - Wall Mounts for Wing Banners

Depending on where you are planning to use your flag, there are a variety of options suitable:

* Soft Surfaces - if the flag is to be used with grass, snow, sand or other loose surfaces choose a ground stake. The stakes are made of solid steel and have ball bearings in the spindle which allows the banners to feather freely in the wind. For extra stability an extension stake can be used, or a mini sake for use with micro and mini banners.

* Hard Surfaces - if the flag is to be used on concrete or tarmac choose from recycled rubber bases or cross base. For outdoor use a rotating cross base or a rubber base with a rotating spindle is recommended. For the extra large flying and wing banners an additional rubber base or water bags would be needed to support the banner flag.

* Wall Mounted - if the flag is to be wall mounted choose a wall mount to display the flag vertically or at a 28° angle. Extra large flying and wing banners cannot be wall mounted

* Wheel Mounts - if the flag display is to be used at car showrooms or next to display vehicles choose a wheel mount. The car is parked on this wheel mount base and the weight of the car acts as the stabiliser for the flag.

* Windy Conditions - choose a water fillable base bag to add weight to your chosen base for extra stability in windy conditions.