Aluminium Framed

About Our Aluminium Framed Cabinets

The showcases of our Aluminium range of cabinets have a simple design. These cabinets and counters use a combination of tempered glass, wood, and aluminium framing and are more than suitable for use in multiple environments. With such a big collection of aluminium framed display showcases we are confident that you will find one to your liking on our website.

Many of our cabinets also have specific qualities to cater to the many different needs a customer may look for in a cabinet

The showcases of the Fusion range have a clean, minimalist look and are perfect for more delicate objects since the refined stylings of the cabinet can compliment the beauty of the things cased within.

The Genus range is a collection of aluminium framed counters and plinths designed for use in museums and features gas spring opening mechanisms.