Where to start

First things first we would need a complete plan, sketch or brief of what you would want the stands to look like, or if you feel as though you are in the deep end and are perhaps limited on your knowledge of exhibitions we can help you to find the best solution if you wish. Then we get onto planning....

Once the initial planning is complete, our team will take the defining points from the brief and start to produce layout sketches to create the working zones. We then use the latest software available to create full working drawings to scale, so that each zone can be configured to fit the stand space exactly. From this skeleton, we add the specified components to create the stand design layout that best meets the client’s brief.

The Development

We then present the client with initial three-dimensional drawings of the stand without graphics. We find this approach focuses the mind on the actual logistics of the stand without confusing the eye with graphical images.

The design may go through various stages of refinement until a final one is chosen, at which stage we prepare a fully dimensioned drawing with a list of panel sizes, enabling the client to supply us with their final artwork, or the elements for us to provide them with our internal artwork service.

The artwork is then rendered to the design drawing for presentation to the client, so that they can sign off the final design which we will print.

Final Stages

We also offer comprehensive photography and graphic design studio facilities. We have extremely talented artists who's services are available at very competitive rates. We are more than willing to assist at whatever level of graphic design service you require, whether that be advice or a complete design package.

At every stage our clients are fully involved and constantly informed of how the stand design will work within the constraints of the specific venue, as all of this information is considered within the planning brief.

A visit to our showroom would likely prove invaluable, to compare the systems and explore the logistics of each, such as shipping sizes and weight.

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