Modular Everblock Furniture

Modular Everblock Furniture

Exhibition and Event Furniture

A wide range of contemporary exhibition furniture that will complement and enhance any exhibition stand, conference, or event. Ideal for break out seating areas or for portable displays at exhibitions and trade shows. 

Be Your Own Furniture Designer or Let Us Design Something For You

With EverBlock you can design your own furniture using our 3D Virtual builder. The builder allows you to place, rotate, and arrange blocks, shelving, desktops and accessories and see how it would look in 3D. 

Get creative with colour and stagger blocks to create dramatic architectural creations, limited only by your imagination. Expand your creations at a later time by simply adding more blocks.

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Integrated Shelving and Desk Units Provide Unlimited Design Flexibility

Add shelving units or desk tops to EverBlocks® to create truly functional office furniture. Create multi-layered shelving, catering stations, bars, desks with returns, storage units, and other unique creations using one of 4 shelving sizes and a desk top. 

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