Exhibition Pods and Booths

Exhibition Pods and Booths

Exhibition Pods and Booths

Custom Pods and Booths for Hire

We work hard to provide you with self supporting booths and pods for any purpose imaginable, and they're all available for hire! We can also supply chairs, tables and many other exhibition accessories, along with exhibition graphics.

We are able to provide various backdrops, promotional booths, temporary galleries, display boards, exhibition panels and are all adaptable depending on your requirements. Shape your event with our modular display boards and temporary exhibition panels for hire.

The Exhibition Market

Our exhibition panels are perfect for use in schools and academies for open days, art exhibitions, galleries, student presentations, mini exhibition booths, an information desk an so much more. Many other uses include hotel exhibitions or conferences, exhibition galleries, a temporary reception, a catering station, trade shows, public consultations, photography displays and picture and product displays.

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A top tier choice

These snazzy and sleek fabric pods are ideal for customers looking for a quick and easy way to create booths and separate spaces at exhibitions. Available for hire whenever you need them, this product is perfect for creating shell schemes, pods, booths, exhibits and event sections.

As times are changing exhibitions are starting to come back one by one, to be ready for this newfound appreciation you need to be prepared. With our pods, booths, stands and shell schemes for hire you will be more than ready to enter back onto the exhibition scene.

More than what meets the eye

At first glance our panels aren't much to look at, but just imagine what you could do with your own creative flare. These panels will succeed in whatever event you are looking to use them for, whether that be for wedding fairs, craft fairs, open days, freshers events and welcome events. Attach samples, pictures and key information you want to showcase to the audience with velcro strips, hooks and various other reusable attachment styles. Make them your own and make them much more than just an exhibition pod or shell scheme. Available for rental and hire.