Exhibition Stand Dimensions & Configurations

Getting the most out of your exhibition stand space is vital to ensure the maximum return on investment. Here you will find a range of the common stand sizes and configurations.

POD supply a comprehensive range of exhibition stand display solutions, but choosing the right one for your stand space and configuration in your budget can be a challenge. We have combined some of the most popular solution here in Exhibition Stand Sizes to compare the features and benefits of the different solutions for your stand space.

Exhibition Stand Size

Booked your exhibition stand space? Need a stand that will make the most of that space? This page has been designed to help you select the best solution for different size exhibition stand spaces. Select the size stand you have booked and can get an idea of some of the options available. For larger space only ideas, take a look at our Esetta Modular System.

3x3m Exhibition Stand Space

Take a look at practical Exhibition solutions for a 3x3m exhibition stand space for 3m backwall, L shaped stand and U shaped stand for a 9 sqm stand space. 

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Solutions we feature for common size exhibition stands include:

- Foamex display boards

Pop Up


- Octopole

Shell Scheme Pro

More information on the individual ranges can be found on the website, but this section is designed to give an overview of what can be achieved in the common stand sizes at the main exhibition halls.

For more ideas on larger space only stands, take a look at the modular options. The Esetta Fabric Stands can be built to your bespoke design, so even large structures and frameworks can break down into compact packages that are easy to transport and store.

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