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For high impact, attention grabbing displays, POD Outdoor Displays has an extensive range of feather flags, portable flag poles and event flags for maximum viewing at outdoor displays and exhibitions. Our promotional flags are lightweight and portable, so can easily be transported to different events. Printed on lightweight flag material, our flying banners can be printed single or double sided. 

See our Guide to Buying Flying, Wing and Feather Banners.

Flag Displays - Flying Banners - Wing Banners - Feather Banners - Portable Flag Displays

Outdoor Flag Displays are a brilliant way to display your branding image, message or product, and with our portable flags your outdoor displays will be quick and easy to set up. We have a great range of flag displays and accessories to choose from.

Flying Banners– Flying banners are a popular choice of flag display. Flying banners or sail flags are quick and easy to set up and come with a compact carry bag to protect your flag. Flying banners are great for in store, indoor and outdoor use and are manufactured in various sizes to meet all demands.

Wing Banners- Wing Banners are a great choice of outdoor display. Wing banners ensure that your image is as visible as possible and with our double sided wing banners you can ensure that your displays attract attention from every angle. The "Wing" shaped banner flag range is a classic shape and can be manufactured in various sizes to meet your exact requirements.

Feather Banners- Feather banners are a great choice of outdoor display. The clever design of our feather banners ensures that your image will be as visible as possible and with our double sided feather banners you can ensure that your displays attract attention from all angles.

Eco Banners- Our ECO fabric banner flag range has been specially designed for larger outdoor advertising branding projects, where a higher quantity of branded units is required for event marketing. Choose from a range of banner styles.

Portable Flags- Available with a range of bases to suit all needs, we supply a range of portable flag poles. Ideal for event usage our flagpoles are ideal when you want your logo, brand or corporate identity to be seen.

Choosing the right Flag Display

For more information of choosing flag displays, see our 'Guide to Purchasing a Flying, Wing or Feather Banner'.

Choose flags and flying banners:

* for use with grass, sand or snow

* for use on concrete and tarmac

* for wall mounting

* for wheel mounts

Outdoor flags come with a variety of base options to ensure that your flag display is as stable as possible in all weather environments. These include fixed or rotating cross base, folding universal cross base with water bag and circular rubber bases. POD Outdoor also supply a range of ground spikes and extensions, wall and floor mounts and car mounts for use under car wheels for displaying flag displays.

POD Outdoors offers great discounts on multiples of flags. One off costs are high because of the setup required for printing but savings can be made when buying two or more flying banners, so call the sales team for flying banners for your next event. Everything you need for your complete outdoor or indoor display is available from POD Outdoor. Call our sales team today on 01933 411159.

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