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Welcome to our Instant Shelter and Promotional Branded Pod Tents range.  We supply a comprehensive range of promotional tents, event marquees, instant shelters, mini marquees and portable instant shelters for all uses and for all budgets.  Whether you require a large branded promotional event tent or a small budget instant shelter, our range is professional and yet affordable.  POD event tent marquees will provide the weather protection you need for your outdoor event and exhibitions.

Outdoor Instant Shelters, Promotional Tents, Printed Marquees, Branded Gazebos

POD Outdoor supply instant shelters and promotional tents for a variety of uses. There are a lot of different products that are sold under the label of awnings, canopies, popup shelters, gazebos and marquees, and we have something for every price range. Our products are also known as portable instant shelters, instant marquees, instant canopies, instant pop up shelters, pop-up marquees, instant tents,event tents or mini marquees. These instant shelters can be supplied as plain instant marquees or as customised promotional tents featuring corporate logos and colours.

Value Instant Shelters

Value Instant Shelters - Our canopies should not be confused with the budget Pop-up gazebos that are sold at supermarkets and garden centres. Many of these instant shelters are made from poor quality materials and only suitable for one use in the garden. We do have a range of POD Outdoor Instant shelters that are ideal for light duties and recreational use. However they are steel framed and still offer real value for money.

Professional Canopy Range

Professional Canopy Range – These instant marquees are high quality and cost effective shelters that have added stability, a professional finish and will last for more than one use. These are more suited to regular or commercial use, yet they still provide a light weight option that is highly portable and quick to construct.

Promotional Branded Tents & Star Canopies

Promotional Branded Tents & Star Canopies - For an alternative to standard marquees or tents, see our jumbo cabanas and star tents in unusual eye catching shapes. These weatherproof portable tents are dual purpose as they provide advertising and shelter. They are also portable, easily fold down into the back of a car and can be erected quickly by 2 people.

Fully branded gazebos & Printed Marquees

Fully branded gazebos Printed Marquees – Fully branded tents and gazebos provide an unmatched impact at events, shows, exhibitions, promotions and more. These instant shelters can be branded with your specific logos, corporate colours or marketing message. The instant tents can have both digitally printed roof and sides which are waterproof, fire and UV protected. They also combine portability and quick construction

Our digital printing solutions ensure your choice of design and colour is completely unrestricted. We can print a single logo or website address on the roof valences, or we can cover every inch of the roof and side walls with a photographic image. These types of branded gazebos are a key way to show off your logos, corporate colours and marketing message and draw attention to your marquee.
Printed marques are waterproof, fire and UV protected and very portable.

POD Exhibitions Outdoor are also able to supply and print a range of promotional products that perfectly compliment printed marquees. These include promotional flags to draw attention to your tent from a distance, outdoor banner stands, pop up displays as back drop to your printed marquee, tables and chairs that fold for easy transportation and brochure stands.

Small instant shelters are ideal for promoting a single product or service, and are commonly used in shopping centres and supermarkets for end of isle promotions, where maximising the impact in a small space is essential.

If branding is not necessary on your marquee, the POD Outdoor range of instant shelters are designed specifically for the demanding professional and commercial markets where reliability and strength are needed from a shelter. These canopies offer the ideal combination of strength, features and price and provide a reliable long term service whether it is just going to be used occasionally or daily use.

Our instant shelters are ideal to be used as: promotional tents, product launch tents, festival tents, mini marquees, pit shelters, motorsport awnings, sports shelters, team shelters, awnings, garden party tents, wedding tents, exhibition tents, catering tents, promotional marquees, branded marquees and customised awnings. Choose whatever graphics or logos you want to promote your brand and send your artwork to us.

POD Tents

We have a new range of modular event tents that can be branded for advertising exposure. These can be used on hardstanding or grass areas. With the pod event tent modular system you can control the exhibitors journey through the modular configured promo pod tents to expose the visitors to your messages and brand in the desired sequence. This can strongly increase the visitors emotional reaction and stregthen the message you want to portray.

The pod tents are big enough to display standard exhibition stands but has 4 doorways to enable various footfall options.
As part of the package weighting, flooring, a branded dome and also 2 promotional flags are included.

Inside the Popup shelter

Have you thought about what you can use within the promotional shelter or gazebo? We supply portable outdoor pop up stands, banner stand systems and portable furniture including promotional counters and portable literature stands.