Multimedia Displays

Multimedia displays are an exciting way to convey your sales message, market your brand or attract attention to your exhibition stand.  We offer a range of digital signage solutions and multimedia displays that can be used in a variety of environments, including exhibition displays, conferences and retail.  Our range includes multimedia display kiosk stands, digital screens, digital display information points, digital poster frames and HD media players for audio visual displays.

Multimedia Displays, Digital Screens and Touch Screen Kiosks

Audio Visual Displays - Digital Signage - Media Players - Kiosks - Advertising Display Stands

Multimedia Displays are the perfect solution for effective exhibition display stands. Audio visual displays can provide a more compelling message than simple static graphics. POD Exhibtion Systems take care of all aspects of your digital signage requirements. We supply all components of digital signage solutions including media players,iPad Stands, screens and multimedia stands.

There are a variety of digital solutions for multimedia displays – compact flash card driven digital screen media players, rear projection systems and HD driver units. These can be incorporated into modular exhibition multimedia stands, freestanding digital display stands and kiosks .

Digital Signage Screens – Choose from a range of different size digital screens including plasma screens, LCD screens and touch screens for audio visual and multimedia displays.

Modular Multimedia Stands – Design a bespoke exhibition display stand that incorporates multimedia screens to create impressive audio visual displays at exhibitions and conferences.

Freestanding Information Points - Freestanding stands for digital screens or iPad's, that will provide maximum impact for your multimedia displays. The stands can incorporate graphics, posters, literature holders and are customised to your exact requirements.

Media Players - A range of digital signage media and high def media players to support real time video, slide shows and audio visual presentations for multi content media displays at exhibitions or shows.

Digital Posters – Freestanding or wall mounted digital posters in a range of sizes including outdoor LCD digital posters suitable for all weather environments.

Stands for Digital Screens - Simple, stylish and stable stands for digital screens and monitors to create cost effective digital signage solutions for exhibitions, shows and reception areas.

Multimedia Kiosks - Popular kiosk stands to incorporate touch screens with graphics and branding for high impact advertising kiosks.

iPad Kiosks & iPad Display Stands – Freestanding kiosks to display your iPad 2, 3, 4 or other tablet pc's for interactive displays.

Why include digital signage in your exhibition display stand?

Attending an exhibition or trade show is the perfect platform for communicating with large groups of people and potential customers. Digital signage is a brilliant method of audio visual display to provide a more compelling message than simple static graphics. You will have the ability to target specific groups of your audience with eye catching visual displays that they will remember long after they have left your stand.

Digital signage with the use of HD media players and digital screens is an extremely effective use of your marketing budget to advertise and market your brand and reinforce your message. The information displayed on digital signage screens incorporated into your exhibition stand can range from simple text, company logos, still images, photos, animation or full motion video.

What do you want to achieve from your multimedia display?

Brand Building - On your exhibition display you may want to simply enhance the customer experience and get your customers visually involved in your stand. If the aim of the exhibition is to build and promote your brand, media screens are powerful methods of highlighting your corporate logos.

Product launches - Audio visual displays are particularly beneficial if the aim of your exhibition is to launch a new brand or service. The benefits and unique selling points of your new product can be accentuated on media screens within your display. Your audience can be focused on the key selling points of the new product you have come to promote.

Informing - If demonstrations are a key part of your exhibition plan, multimedia displays are an effective way of providing customers with current times and schedules of your planned demonstrations. It is also an effective way to whet the appetite of potential audiences to your displays.

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