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Exhibition Stands Since 2001

Modular Exhibition Block Plinths - Exhibition Display Pedestals

Our Modular Building Blocks are ideal for creating various sized plinths, pedestals, counters and product displays for exhibition and events.

We Sell or Hire a range of plinth sizes from 12" high to 54" high. They can cretaed to virtually and width and depth untill they turn into a atble, riser, counter or stage! Jus add out caps or add a top of your own to finish of the plinths.
Once they have been used they can be stacked up ready for transortation or ready to create another 101 things!

Portable Display Plinths - Exhibition Plinth UK - Exhibition Plinth Hire

These Portable display plinths are load-bearing pieces of exhibition furniture constructed of our Modular Building blocks which ome in 15 differenet colours. These plinth and pedestals provide a great display area for your product, corporate literature or even a laptop.

  • available in a randge of sizes
  • easy to put together
  • easy to transport
  • wide range of colours
  • brandable
  • completely reconfigurable & modular
  • purchase or hire
  • load bearing
  • customizable
  • link together


Call us today to ask any questions or to design your own configurations for your event or exhibition stand.