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Portable Folding Display Cabinet - Portable Glass Showcase - Folding Display Case

These innovative folding showcases and portable glass cabinets come completely flat-pack and are very simple to transport and erect on your exhibition stand or at an event venue, promotion or shopping centre. The display cabinets are all made to EU standards and provide portablility for displaying products and items at various venues. For our complete range of glass display cabinets, counters and showcases see www.display-cabinets-direct.co.uk.

Portable Folding Display Cabinets - Portable Glass Display Counters - Folding Showcase

Folding Glass Cabinets, Exhibition Cabinets and Portable Display Showcases are a fantastic way to professionally display products at an event or exhibition. Our range of folding display cabinets have all been chosen for their portability and ease of transportation. Portable display cabinets are popular for use at demonstration events, shopping centres, exhibitions and trade shows and retail promotions.

Where the need arises to display products, trophies and stock at a short term event, these folding showcases provide the solution. This portable exhibition furniture is also a cost effective solution in the long term instead of hiring cabinets for use at your event. Once it is over, simply fold the cabinets and showcases away, and take it back home or to the office, and use it again at your next exhibition or your show.

These folding display cases are built to last and are construced from quality materials that make them suitable for a public environment. They are simple and quick to assemble and some of the folding showcases in our range are supplied in a heavy duty wheeled transport case for ease or movement. We also supply a range of folding display glass counters.

Portable Non Glass Cabinet Displays

The range of completely portable display cases also includes the Spiral Tower Display System that is supplied with clear acetate panels and magtape instead of glass. This allows customers to display their products but is also ideal for custom branding. the acetate panels can be replaced with graphics to display your logos and create brand awareness.

This folding display showcases can be assembled and dismantled in seconds without the need for tools. For more portable display options and promotional counters see our Portable Furniture section.