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Our portable furniture range now includes a comprehensive range of lecterns and podiums that can quickly be assembled on location. Our portable lecturns fold down or are dismantled for easy strorage and portability. This makes our lecterns and podiums suitable for presentations, displays and exhibitions.

Portable Podium - Wooden Lecturn - Table Top Lectern - Podiums - Modern Lecterns

Our range of lecterns include modern contemporary style lecterns, traditional podiums and budget portable lecterns suitable for different applications. The key feature of our lecterns is that they are all portable so can easily be assembled on site and folded down or disassembled in a matter of minutes.

Tabletop Lecterns

We also supply table top lecterns for when floor space is at a premium. These tabletop lecterns are supplied ready assembled and are designed at optimum reading height with space for binders and clip boards. The folding mechanism on the lectern means that it take up mimimal amount of space when stored.

Budget Lecterns

Our most cost effective lectern is a budget portable lectern tht is easy to assemble with just a single tool. It is available in a variety of finishes but customers also have the option of a fabric wrap in a choice of colours. These are Velcro friendly that graphics can easily be attached to for company logos and brand awareness.

Gantry/Truss lecturns

We provide a rang of stylish lecterns that are manufactured from the aluminium gantry or truss systems

For more information on our range of lecterns and podiums, please call our sales team on 01933 411159. For more in our range of portable counters and promotional counters see our Portable Furniture section.