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Folding Panel Kits - Exhibition Display Panels - Portable Display Boards

Folding Display boards are a versatile method of displaying information suitable for exhibitions, school displays and office presentations. Our folding display panel kits are portable, lightweight and versatile type of display board suitable for velcro attachments or pins. We supply in a range of colours and panel sizes, with standard colours in stock for free next day delivery. Folding panel kits supplied with carry bag for easy transportation.

Display Panels – School Display Boards – Folding Display Panel - Portable Display Boards

Are you looking for display panels or display boards for your exhibition, school displays, craft shows, or conference?

We supply a huge range of modular exhibition stands and display systems that are well suited to a range of applications. Our customers are telling us they are using our folding display panels and boards for sales presentations to clients, libraries, museums, end of term school displays, show rooms and board rooms.

Where to Use Folding Panel Kits?

Display panels are a comprehensive solution for those organising an event for others to promote their organisations or if you are presenting yours to others. Lighting can be added to the display boards to make your information or graphics really stand out. Display panels kits are a particularly versatile method of displaying information. Often called folding panel kits or panel and pole system displays, these display boards offer flexibility and value for money.

The Velcro friendly display boards allow you to simply display information. The boards accept graphics by simply adding Velcro attachments to the back of your posters and graphics. The display boards also have grey or black edging that can hold hinges or clips to join the panels horizontally or vertically. Display board kits are quick and easy to assemble; they are lightweight and can easily be extended by simply adding additional panels. The display panels we supply at POD Exhibition Systems are available in a choice of standard or luxury fabrics in a variety of colours. We have over 15 fabric colours to choose from, so you are certain to find a colour to suit your needs.

Display board kits are so easy to construct that they have become a favourite choice for schools, universities and colleges. Panel Display boards are often used as end of term displays, for graphic courses, information displays, halls news and many other temporary uses.

If you are looking to create a booth, separate an area for display purposes or have a display board as a screen to divide a room, tall display panel kits are a cost effective and user friendly solution. These large display boards can also be added to with extra panels to create a large back drop. We do do a full range of Mobile screen room dividers too.

What type of Display Boards - Aluminium Framed or PVC Framed.....

At POD Displays we supply two main types of folding panel kit. Choose from PVC framed or aluminium framed display boards. The PVC Folding Panel Kits boast a sturdy lightweight PVC framework and Velcro-friendly display surface on both sides available in a black or grey frame.

The aluminium framed kits we supply are an upmarket alternative to the usual PVC framed stands. They are tougher and more durable for use in medical centres. These stands are also perfect for use in schools and reception areas where they may be up on a permanent basis, or as a portable display for use at exhibitions.

POD Exhibition Systems also specialise in other display panel products. Another product we supply is a folding aluminium panel system for attaching magnetic graphics. These can be incorporated into a panel and pole display or used stand alone as folding kits. The graphics are attached to the hollow frames with magnetic tape.

If you would like help choosing the most suitable display panels or display boards for your display, then feel free to contact the sales team at POD Exhibition Systems on 01933 411159.