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Revolving Literature Display Stand - Rotating Leaflet Rack - Carousel Brochure Stand

Rotating leaflet stands and brochure racks are the ideal solution for displaying leaflets and literature where space is at a premium. Revolving display stands are ideal for libraries, visitor centres, tourist information centres, showrooms and reception areas. Our rotating leaflet racks are available in a range of sizes with various size dispensers.

Rotating Brochure Rack - Revolving Leaflet Stand - Carousel Literature Stand

Revolving display stands allow customers to simply rotate the literature rack until they find the information that interests them. These rotating leaflet racks are a great way of displaying brochures and leaflets where display space is at an issue. If space is at a premium we also supply a range of wall mounted literature display stands.

Our revolving literature display stands are particularly ideal for:

  • libraries
  • tourist information centres
  • visitor centres
  • showrooms
  • schools
  • reception areas
  • doctors surgeries and dentists

Rotating Literature Display Stand Options

Our range of carousel literature stands includes basic rotating stands that can incorporate up to 21 A4 size holders to a stylish mesh pocket revolving literature stand that holds 30 A4 portrati size mesh pockets. For complete versatility we also supply a Pirouette Rotating leaflet stand that allows each tier to rotate independently with a variety of size dispenser options including A4, A5 and 1/3 A4.

All of our rotating literature stands are strong robust stands that are designed to stand up to the rigors of a public environement and constant use. If you have a specific requirement for spinning leaflet racks or rotating literature stands and would like to speak to a member of our sales team, please call on 01933 411159. For more freestanding literature display stands including acrylic brochure stands and portable literature stands.