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Digital Signage Media Players - HD Multimedia Players - Digital Signage Player

Digital screen media players and High Definition media players for impressive multimedia displays. Suitable for use in a host of applications, digital multi media players can be included in your exhibition displays, all retail environments and portable displays.

HD Media Player - Media Player - Digital Signage Hardware - Digital Signage Player

Our range includes multimedia players, touch screen hardware, plasma screen player and LCD screens for all types of digital signage media players and digital display hardware.

Media Player to Support your Audio Visual Presentations

Digital signage players are basically dedicated PCs or hardware devices that are designed specifically to drive a plasma screen or LCD screen to display your advertising or marketing message. The advantage of having a separate player is that you don't tie up your PC to run your media displays and they are suitable for a host of applications.

High impact advertising is crucial at exhibitions when you are competing for the attention of visitors. Conventional signage is being replaced by dynamic digital signage to effectively convey audio visual displays. For exhibitions, in-store advertising, public information displays and retail kiosks, POD offer a range of multimedia solutions that include a standalone high definition media players.

POD Displays digital signage media players are compact, simple and light weight and particularly suited to fit in with your exhibition displays. Our media players are easy to set up, easy to use, simple to maintain, plug and play units. Even for applications with space constraints such as small exhibition shell schemes, our digital signage players load dynamic signage media content for immediate playback from data accessed directly via a compact flash card. Many of our media players are also supplied with a remote control included in the price for easy configuration and audio/video playback and added convenience.