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  • TWIST STAND --- The twist kit can be used to form many different linking banner configurations. Choose straight or curved to suit your needs.
  • TWIST STAND --- The twist kit can be used to form many different linking banner configurations. Choose straight or curved to suit your needs.

Twist Stands - Twist Banner Stands - Pop Up Stand Alternatives - Twist Displays

Not sure if a Pop Up Stand is the best display solution for you? We have a range of Pop Up Alternatives that can provide the best solution for seamless graphic displays. The Twist kit can be used to form many different linking banner stands configurations. Keep it straight or curve it to suit you exhibition display stand needs.

Twist Stand - Twist Banner Stands - Popup Stand Alternatives - Twist Display Stands

The Twist system is a pop up alternative with a difference. It is described by as “the most flexible, modular and portable exhibition system in the world.” If are trying to decide between a traditional pop up stand, modular display stand or roller banner, the Twist system is an exciting display option to consider.

What is different about a Twist Display Stand?

The unique aspect of the Twist display stand is that as a single product the Twist banner has a patented tensioning system that ensures a taut and straight graphic display every time, even on an uneven surface. However, the Twist comes into its own as you add onto this to create a huge, seamless graphic display of any length that you require and Twist Stand Accessories.

Twist banners are unique because these linking banner stands give you the option of not only linking these banners together to form a seamless graphic display, but also the option of using the new flexi link graphic which enables you to bend your graphic wall into almost any shape. This is because the system links two twist banner stands with the Flexlink panel allowing you to form a controlled curve to the angle you require. The patented tensioning system ensures a taut and straight graphic each time.

The Twist Flexi link banner stand can be used as a double sided banner stand or 2 single sided banner displays. To ensure the stability of the Twist banner stand, the base is made from 3mm stainless steel. It includes include a self levelling system for use on uneven floors.

Why buy a Twist?

Adding Flexilink panels to the Twist allows you to create virtually any shape you require, a huge advantage over roller banner, pop ups and panel systems. The variable widths and heights are available in the standard kits and we can also customise to suit your individual needs.

As they are light weight and highly portable, these banner stands can be transported very easily to different events or locations with the benefit of graphics changes easily or your complete display layout as necessary.

These banner stands are quick and easy to erect, with each Original Twist banner taking approximately 90 seconds to set up with graphic. We also supply low voltage lights with the Twist banner to enhance your display stand.

POD also supplies a twist media pop up stand that will incorporate a media screen into your banner stand for a really effective display. Multimedia presentations have the potential to drastically increase the traffic to your stand and make your banner stand really stand out from the crowd.

Other benefits of the Twist banner include the integrated lighting, the ability to create a 3d effect, simple self assembly, interchangeable graphic panels and a display stand that you will want to use again and again. Call our sales team for more information on how the Twist pop up stand can work for you.