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Exhibiting at retail events and shows? Display products in portable glass showcases simply and effectively. For a lighter option, the Odense Display Showcase features acrylic glazing, or choose from our full glass cabinet and counter options in a variety of sizes.

Folding Showcase - Portable Display Counters - Portable Glass Cabinets

Display counters and cabinets for use at exhibitions and trade need to be portable, versatile and simple to erect on site. These portable showcases are specially designed for use at different events and can be supplied with a protective wheeled transit case, ideal for storage between those events too.

Portable glass cabinets and counters are ideal if:

  • Versatility and adaptability are important to your business and you like to change your display area and your counters around regularly
  • You are a mobile business in need of a professional way to display products at events.
  • You attend a different shopping centre or venue each week, running demonstrations or selling a product

An illuminated glass counter or cabinet is a key way to attract attention to passersby at tradeshows and exhibitions.

Regularly hiring a portable glass showcase for different events can be expensive in the long run. A one time investment in portable glass cabinets can save on hire costs, and provide a secondary use for displaying items in reception areas and showrooms.
Our portable display cabinets and counters will take about 5 minutes to assemble, full instruction sheet are supplied.