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POD Exhibitions are leading suppliers of lightboxes, illuminated signs and LED Displays.  Our high tech slim line light boxes use the latest technology to give high impact to your graphics.  Our cold cathode light boxes have extended lamp life and can be wall mounted or suspended on cables.Our range of light boxes are incredibly bright and lightweight making them ideal for corporate environments, reception areas and point of sale displays.

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POD offers a wide selection of light box displays to offer you a great range of options for your illuminated sign and display requirements. Light boxes illuminate your graphic image with the most even light distribution possible, bringing your graphics to life and creating powerful eye catching displays. Illuminated signs and light boxes are available for indoor or outdoor use.

The Benefits of using Light boxes

Why use lightboxes?

Light boxes are proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool and are recognised as one of the most effective advertising mediums available. Promotional graphics and posters that utilise the combination of illumination and colour are far more likely to catch a potential consumer's eye than traditional posters.

Why are light boxes are so effective?

The eye catching combination of colour and light is the successful partnership that will always attract a higher number of potential customers to your products, services or information. Market research has shown that illuminated advertising attracts higher customer footfall and sales compared to non-illuminated advertising. The effects have been noticed particularly in pubs and night clubs, shops and banks. Companies have reported that they have drastically increased their sales and interest in their products that have been advertised in an illuminated promotional poster. Just as colour posters stand out more to the eye than black and white posters, graphics that are lit up have the power to grab the attention of potential customers. Light boxes are also effective because bright advertising and illuminated promotions will make your information stand out from other companies and get your company noticed.

Where are lightboxes used most effectively?

Wherever you would have a traditional poster or graphic a light box display will be more effective. Illuminated signs give a clear impression to your customer’s day or night and can be made for indoor or outdoor use. They are used effectively in High Street stores to draw potential customers to your shop window. Double-sided light boxes will maximize your advertising capabilities and is perfect for shop window displays. Light boxes are being used effectively as illuminated sign applications including: retail point of sale displays, exhibitions and trade shows, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs, airports, train stations, offices and exhibitions.

What types of light boxes are there?

There is a huge choice of light box displays available, depending on the application it is needed for. Choose from:

  • backlit or edge lit,
  • aluminium or acrylic,
  • internal or external
  • front loading or slide in
  • wall mounted or freestanding
  • ultra slim or standard widths
  • curved or flat
  • standard poster size or bespoke

Our sales team can advise you on the best light box display for you and also our bespoke options if you cannot find a standard illuminated sign that is right for your requirements. Call our sales team on 01933 411159.