Twist Link2 Modular Exhibition U Shape Kit - 4m x 3m


Height: Standard (2.1m)

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Dimensions: 4m x 3m U shape  height can be: 2100mm or 2260mm

Linkwas designed for use as a linking banner but it also works just as well as a stand alone unit.

A strong feature of this stand is the easy to change graphics. When replacement graphics are required for traditional roller banners, a customer is usually faced with two options. A banner can either be returned to the supplier for a new graphic to be applied or simply “thrown away” and a new one purchased. Each can be time consuming, costly or just not good for our environment. Link2 banners provide a fresh new approach. You simply keep Link2 hardware indefinitely and change the graphics as many times as you like. Just order a replacement graphic and attach it to the mechanism using our “easy-change” process. The older graphic can be stored for future use if needed.


  • patented levelling system aids alignment on uneven floors
  • fold out feet to increase stability where required
  • easy to change graphics
  • optional LED light

Support Documents (Click on the link to open)

User Instructions


Guide to replacing graphics

Artwork Guide (2000mm version)

InDesign Template (2000mm version)

Artwork Guide (2175mm version)

InDesign Template (2175mm version)

Fire Certificate


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