Height: 1.2m (4ft)
Length: 2.5m (8ft 6in)
Colour: Beige Fabric

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The Wall-Mountable version of the Room Divider 360° Partition is a perfect way to create area space for numerous functions. It forms workplace areas in offices, or any other situations that would require consistent use of the Room Divider 360°. The sturdy wall-mount can reach 30' 6" coverage!

Each Room Divider panel rotates using the industry leading 360° hinge for infinite configuration possibilities. This divider is superior to piano hinge folding partitions. The patented no-pinch seams reduce finger pinching.

The Room Divider 360° folding partition has an elegant extruded aluminium frame which makes it strong yet lighter than steel frame partitions. Durable, aluminium frames join through a unique corner joint providing superior strength. Our Room Divider 360° is free of tripping hazards caused by U-frame designs. Non-marking, level casters provide a lower centre of gravity and clearance. Thus, noise reduction and safety is elevated.

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