Height: 2.56 (8ft 5in)
Length: 2.08 (6ft 10in)
Colour: Beige

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We've always been in the business of building a better room divider, but we've outdone ourselves by building a bigger room divider! Our Operable Wall is a modern marvel of engineering and can cover massive spaces. This wall-mounted, floor-based, sliding room divider is a perfect solution for spaces requiring up to 12' high coverage. The Operable Wall is a low-cost alternative to expensive track-mounted accordion door systems, or perfect for areas that can't accept a track system. (Note: Please allow 2 inch clearance for wall mounting hardware)

Operable Walls offer greater coverage than our premium partitions, making them ideal in open offices or large room spaces.

This extra large room divider is available in lengths up to 15'7", and by mounting two units upon two opposing walls, this system can divide spaces up to 31'. Despite its massive size, the Operable Wall is easy to open and close. A unique, flexible hinge system provides slight vertical movement for each panel, allowing the divider to traverse uneven flooring with ease unlike most sliding wall dividers. Our durable rolling casters provide 2.5" ground clearance. A full-sized end panel is featured on units of 4 panels or more to provide added stability and ease of use.


Unlike accordion doors, the Operable Wall requires no ceiling track, allowing HVAC to flow freely and will not require building code permits for installation.

The Operable Wall's thick, 2" acoustical panels are perfect for dampening sound, while the clear anodized aluminium frame offers maximum durability with a sleek, modern look. The panels can be covered in over 20 shades of sound-dampening, pushpin-accepting acoustical fabrics.

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