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Can you Save money using a UK Company for Exhibiting in the U.S?

Exhibiting in America can be a minefield for the inexperienced exhibitor.  But even companies that regularly attend U.S trade shows can save money by considering the advantages of buying in the U.K

Here are 10 reasons many U.K companies are take this route:

  1. Deal with a UK company office with US experience.

Dealing with a team of experienced exhibition contractors means all communication can be carried out when it suits you without worrying about time zones. This takes away the logistical complications of dealing with US companies that can be up to 8 hours behind.

  1. Planning & Design in the UK

The crucial elements of design can be planned in the UK, with face to face meetings if required.  A complete prebuild of the stand can be visited in our UK factory, so any issues are dealt with well before the show begins.  The logistics of any shipping and dealing with U.S Customs and Border Protection are all dealt with knowledgeable staff that can take the stress out of U.S Customs regulations.

  1. Limit the Hidden Extra Costs of Trade Shows

Partnering with a UK company provides a single point of contact which saves time, money, effort and reduces errors.  This experience can mean even small details such as conversion from metric measurements used in UK to feet and inches used in America, understanding of booth sizing in U.S Convention Centers and even the different electric voltage is understood and cared for ahead of time.

  1. Lightweight Modular Stands Manufactured in UK

Using modular stands that are lightweight and compact reduces shipping costs and simplifies transportation. These modular versatile stands can be reconfigured and reused for multiple events.  The stand hardware is stored in America cutting down on expensive shipping costs.  It is easy to integrate bespoke elements and achieve a custom look and feel at a fraction of the cost. The lighter weight of stands means that expensive drayage charges are reduced. (Read more on drayage here)

  1. Cut Costs with Quick to Assemble Stands

Modular systems such as the T3 system require no tools to assemble.  A simple twist and lock connection that can be assembled and dismantled quickly, is a fast cost effective solution when US regulations insist on Union Labour installing the stand.  This results in less runaway costs as the stand can be erected in far less time than traditional exhibition stands.

  1. Reusable Stand for Multiple Events

A Modular stand allows you start with a simple shell scheme exhibition stand and grow into a large, space only stand as your requirements grow. By simply adding onto your framework the booth can be reconfigured at different events.  And these systems are designed to be clad with different substrates with the flexibility and versatility to equal any bespoke display.

  1. Shipping Costs Slashed with Fabric Graphics

The use of fabric graphics cuts shipping costs considerably. Graphics can be folded and are incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, cutting expensive drayage charges.  Large unbroken graphic walls provide real impact with no unsightly panel joins.

  1. Tailored Package to work within your Budget

For a completely hassle free approach using a UK exhibition company like POD Exhibitions to provide a full turn-key service that will deal with every aspect of the tradeshow is ideal.  However, if budget is restricted or if as an exhibitor you want to take care of some aspects yourselves, a tailored the package can be organised so you only pay for what you need.

  1. Extensive knowledge of the U.S trade show market.

POD and its partners have been dealing with global companies exhibiting all over the world for many years, but our extensive knowledge and contacts in the U.S means we can provide an exceptional level of service that other companies cannot offer. Cutting the expensive costs incurred with exhibiting in America and steering you though the minefield of US regulations.

  1. Free Up Staff Time & Know Your Costs Upfront

If your staff have to spend time when they arrive stateside tracking down exhibition packages, dealing with Expo Centres and organising union labour it is all costs that are rarely accounted for before. Using a UK Company to coordinate stand design, production, show services and transportation will ensure you exhibition booth is delivered on time and within budget!


POD Exhibitions have helped UK companies save on exhibition costs with their T3 Modular Display system.  This system can be used to great effect in the American market.  For more on the benefits of T3 take a look at this PDF here. As a lightweight versatile system, why not let us see if we can help you save money while exhibiting in the U.S.

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