Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Exhibition Display Stands

Buying the right display for your events includes taking into consideration a whole host of things.

You need to take into account which type of display stands suits your goals.

Keep reading to find out more about how to choose the right exhibition display stand with our ultimate guide.

What Are Exhibition Display Stands?

Display stands are an essential marketing tool for your business.

They are portable marketing banners to promote your business or organization.

Don’t worry if you’re not practical. They’re easy to set up and use.

It doesn’t matter what type of business or organization you are. Everyone can benefit from access to a visually impressive and informative stand.

Display stands can be useful to attract attention to you at conferences, festivals or shows. Whatever the event, a display stand can make all the difference to you being noticed.

No business is complete without a display stand to show off what they’re about.

Why Buy a Display Stand?

Although renting a display stand for your first show or event might make sense, after a few times, it makes sense to buy your own stand.

As a regular user of exhibition stands, you may need specific types of stand for each event.

What’s Your Budget?

While it’s easy to think that renting a display stand for every show makes sense. After all, it’s not too costly.

But you need to think in terms of multiple exhibitions shows that you attend.

But there are also operational, storage and transportation costs that you have to take into account.

By considering these many other costs, you can make an informed choice about whether buying a display stand is worthwhile.

Do Your Research!

Anyone who has booked a spot an exhibition show has heard of the term “preferred supplier”. This usually features in the exhibition manual.

This includes references to the various items, including exhibition display stands, that may be required for show attendees with stands.

However, don’t be fooled into purchasing your display stand from this “preferred supplier”. It simply means that this particular supplier of display stands have an agreement with the exhibition organizers.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t purchase your exhibition stand from such suppliers. But rather, it’s important to realize that you’re free to decide who you purchase your display stand from.

Even though carrying out research may be a time-consuming and exhausting process, it’s much more cost-effective and time-saving in the long-run.

What’s Your Goal?

There are many reasons why people purchase exhibition stands. In order to realize which type of stand you require, you need to decide what you’re trying to achieve.

After all, the display stand has to meet your requirements. Display stands can be customized to suit you, whatever your business needs.

You need to take into account everything from the location of your event to the extent of the foot-fall before you can decide which exhibition display you need.

Types of Display Stands

Do you need a display stand for trade show events held outdoors? Or, maybe you require a corporate looking stand for large conference halls?

While indoor display stands are designed to grab the attention of large groups of people from across the room. But the outdoor version is great at catching the eye of passers-by.

Display stands are also available in a large range of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Retractable Display Stands

Are you looking for a display stand that’s easy to transport and set up?

Retractable display stands may be the best option for you. If you’re regularly using your stand and you’re always on the go, you need a stand that it’s convenient, light and portable.

Retractable display stands are also available as double-sided. This allows you to show off to both sides of the crowd.

At the end of the day, all you have to do is retract the banner and pack it away into the case. After this, you can easily store it in your vehicle until next time.

Digital Touch Screens

If you’re looking to make a bigger splash with your exhibition display stand, you may consider purchasing digital touch screens.

By providing your customers with an interactive platform, you can really show off what your organization or business does.

This allows you to include a greater amount of information and images related to your business.

This also allows you to make demonstrations with the aid of video clips on the digital touch screen. After a hard days work, you can pack it up in a carrying case.

While digital touch screens are definitely the more costly alternative, they’re definitely worth the investment to wow your customers.

A Stand to Support You

The primary point of a display stand is to support you and your colleagues during the exhibition show.

This may include helping you to explain something or providing visitors with information about your business.

However, it’s important to take advantage of the presence a display stand provides. For instance, make sure none of your colleagues are obstructing the view of the display stand. Otherwise, this could defeat the purpose of the stand.

Buy Your Own Exhibition Display Stands

Now that you know what to consider when purchasing your display stand, you can make sure you design the right one for your business or organizational needs.

It’s essential to consider how each display banner can help you to grow and attract new people to what you do.

Get in touch to find out more about buying your own exhibition display stand.