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Portable and Promotional Counters and units. Full Range of Product Display Plinths

Counters & Plinths

Welcome to our Portable Counters and promotional Plinths range! We are proud to present our selection of Exhibition and trade show counters that include promotional counters, product display pedestals, and folding aluminium counters. All of our units are innovatively designed, lightweight and portable and very easy to construct.  This portable display furniture is flat packed making them ideal for exhibition and display environments.

Promotional Counters

We offer a variety of promotional taster counters ideal for supermarkets, exhibitions, shopping centres and any taster or promotional activity. Our Demo counters are extremely versatile and can be branded with your corporate style, colours and logos.

Esetta Portable Counters

A range of lightweight, easy to assemble portable counters to complement the Esetta Fabric Exhibition range. The Esetta Counters can be used together to create runs or can be expanded to create virtually any shape.

Portable Counters

Portable display furniture including counters and workstations are suitable for a variety of display purposes. They are tough and hardwearing to stand up to the rigors of exhibition life or a public areas, but they are light enough to be portable and easy to transport. For advertising and marketing purposes the portable counters can be branded with high qualtiy graphics to promote your logos, brand, products or company information.

Product Display Plinths

Multifunctional display plinths and pedestals in a wide choice of different colours, heights, widths and load bearing capabilities. Product display plinths, columns or pedestals are a great way to make your product more visible and can be branded to your own corporate style. Many of our wooden product display stands can be finished in loop nylon fabric or are available in a range of veneers or colours.

Folding Counters

A range of flat pack, portable display counters and plinths with satin anodised frames, strong aluminium top and 3mm Foamex side and front panels. These folding panels are able to take graphics of your choice. Folding display counters are available to suit all your specific requirements. With a variety of options including mid shelf, knee-hole shelf, lockable/sliding doors, top boxes and lockable cupboards, they can be used for a host of applications.

Our portable folding counters are constructed for everyday use and are made from robust materials which are easy to clean and take care of. Portable display counters and Plinths can be linked to create counter runs or counter combinations.

Modular Block Display Plinths

Our Modular Building Blocks are ideal for creating various sized plinths, pedestals, counters and product displays for exhibition and events.

We Sell or Hire a range of plinth sizes from 12" high to 54" high. They can cretaed to virtually and width and depth untill they turn into a atble, riser, counter or stage! Jus add out caps or add a top of your own to finish of the plinths.

Once they have been used they can be stacked up ready for transortation or ready to create another 101 things!

Portable Demo Counters - Promotional Counters - In store sampleing display stands

POD supply a huge range for your exhibiting and trade show needs These include promotional taster counters, portable workstations, product displays units and exhibition counters and promo displays. All our portable display furniture are suitable for presentations, demonstrations, field marketing displays shopping centre promotions and exhibition displays.

The strength and durability of our portable furniture means that they can be used again and again for different display purposes. Most can be branded with your logo, brand and company information to turn them into effective marketing, promotion and advertising tools.

Portable Exhibition Counters and Plinths

Portable Counters - multifunctional and versatile portable counters or workstations that can be branded with quality graphics to promote your logos, brand or company information.

Folding Counters - Portable aluminium framed folding counters for use as promotional displays and exhibition displays available with full printed graphics

Promotion Counters - Portable demo counters or promotion counters are supplied with printed graphics that can be removed frequently or applied permanently. These promotion units fold down for easy portability.

Display Pedestals, Plinths and Columns - Multifuntional display plinths and bases available in different colour fabrics or a range of veneers. Also available in different heights and load bearing capabilities to display a range of products.

If you would like to HIRE any furniture for your exhibition, please go to our main exhibition HIRE furniture section.

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