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Product Display Plinths

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Everblock Display Plinths

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Display Plinths

Add a third dimension to your display with our folding plinths! We use an interlocking gear hinge mechanism to make this a superb, robust and safe system for use, especially at exhibitions.

Available in four sizes, folding plinths use an interlocking gear hinge mechanism, which makes these units a robust and safe system to use. The white platform top secures the panels into position. One of the panels will open whilst in use which provides a useful storage area for such items as catalogues and coats, but would not be suitable for storage of high value items if the plinths are to be left unattended since there is no locking mechanism in the plinths. The rigid double sided panels are made with 8 loop nylon finishes to match the display systems that enable them to suport the rest of the plinth while one panel is currently open.

Display Plinths

Plinths are a great way to make your product more visible and can be branded to your own corporate style.

The beauty of our display plinths and pedestals is that they are quick and easy to assemble, they come flat packed and can be assembled without tools. Individual plinths can be supplied in different loop nylon fabric colours, beech effect, and high resolution graphics can be attached with Velcro.

Everblock Plinths

The broad colour pallet and unique flexibility of EverBlocks building blocks make them ideal for creating all types of unique and inspiring objects such as plinths that are all shapes and sizes.

Everblocks are a no brainer when it comes to using them in events and exhibitions. Build what you want limited only by your imagination!

Our display plinths come in a wide range of different colours, heights and widths. Each with different load bearing capabilities and various uses.

POD supply a variety of wooden pedestals, display plinths, product columns which ideal for all kinds of displays and exhibitions. The strength and durability of our units means that it can be reused many times and transformed to fit in with any display.

The units come in various heights and with a choice of tops and lower height plinths can be placed anywhere around the taller plinth. They are a popular choice for exhibitions as they fold away for easy storage between shows and exhibitions.