Modular Wall Panels

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Our Mod Wall Panels & Dividers

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create personal spaces and booths and separate people for covid compliance, our services are available whenever you need them.

Our exhibition panels are perfect for use in small exhibitions in hotels, conference facilities and schools and academies for open days, art exhibitions, galleries, student presentations, mini exhibition booths, an information desk an so much more. Many other uses include, exhibition galleries, temporary event receptions, registration desks, catering stations, trade shows, public consultations, Art, photography displays, picture and product displays.

Shell Schemes

If you have a super large space that you want to make into an efficient exhibition space but don't know how, why not try our wall panels. Whenever you need a shell scheme put up quickly and efficiently our mod wall panels are perfect for the job!

Quickly divide open spaces in a matter of minutes with our larger dividers or you can separate or block off areas you want to keep quiet or isolated.


Our Mod Panels allow you to stay safe even in a work environment. It's easy to build upon your configuration by simply adding more posts and panels. Open cubicles are so simple to set up and with over twenty fabric colours these workstations will integrate seamlessly with your exhibition space. They are also very spacious and personalisable, and can easily fit in desks and chairs if you need them.


Looking for a temporary solution to solve a permanent problem? Why not try the Operable Wall, available in Folding and Sliding systems, to create a conference room, meeting room or even just a space that can be transformed for any exhibition. The wall-mounted, floor-based partition can cover spaces of up to 13.6m high and 5.8m long, with an option to connect two via opposing walls. Create areas for more exhibition spaces by simply pulling out your operable wall to your desired length and fold away for easy storage.