Portable Modular Flooring

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The Ultimate Exhibition Flooring Solution

You can use our Modular Exhibition floor as a raised floor and cover it with standard carpet tiles, laminate wood or other materials. It can finished with aluminium profile edges or ramp edges.
With our custom cover plates you can create a completely new look and feel to design. The cover plates are available in transparent or printed with one of our designs. In addition, the cover plates can be printed in your own designs.

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Any design or flooring finish

We are able to print directly on the cover plates and protect it with 2 layers of top coating. The tiles are not scratching and not slippery. The look and feel are like real wood, stone, ceramic tiles or metals.

To give you an idea, the coating we add to the graphic is a heavy industrial coating. So big machines, cars and heavy load is no problem.

You even have the option to change your Cover plates once per year for one of our other Designs. This ensures you and you client has always the best cover and a new look every year.


Custom content

Trade Show Floor Systems & Exhibition Display Flooring

Our Portable Modular flooring enables patterns and graphics to be put over it easily.

If you have to change your advertisement, graphics or texts, we offer you the clear cover plates. They are also protected with a 2 layer coating against scratching and are anti slip. Because of this the clearness is 15% less. The tiles are perfect for temporary presentations. Also, perfect to combine with the direct print cover plates.

Our Flooring lets you mix and match tiles and colours to create fun and funky floors that can be modified at a later date as needs change. With our flooring you can certainly enhance your exhibition space with the limitless combinations of flooring configurations you can choose from.

On average it takes 1-2 people about 15 minutes to install a 4m x8m trade show floor. Simply put sections into position and step down on tiles to connect, this ensures that every piece is level and ensures incredible durability.

Our exhibition flooring can be deployed for any sized trade show booth, from small 2mx 2m booths to the much larger 20m x 20m booths.

Our flooring connects quickly and you can install, standard colours, wooden effects, patterns, logos and even you can supply carpet tiles over our sub floor.

Our exhibition flooring tiles provide a modern and clean look that compliments the theme of any exhibit or booth, yet doesn’t distract from the installation.