Event Furniture and Flooring

Event Furniture & Exhibition Flooring

We offer a variety of top notch exhibition furniture that will complement and enhance any exhibition stand, conference, or event you may have coming up and are ideal for break out areas, seating areas or for portable displays at exhibitions and trade shows.

Our selection of furniture includes bar stools, bar tables, chairs, lounge seating, meeting tables, lecterns and portable glass counters and showcases and so much more...

Improve the layout of your stand and welcome customers to your displays with inviting, exciting practical, sometimes colourful and contemporary exhibition furniture. Our selection fits in with our range of modular exhibition displays as well as our modular building blocks which are perfects for reconfiguring furniture in any way you may want.

Modular Flooring

Our exhibition flooring sections can be deployed for any sized trade show booth. The Flooring tiles connect quickly and installs easily over carpet, concrete, and other typical convention centre surfaces. EverBlock trade show flooring can also be used outdoors and over grass, gravel, sand, and even mud.

Create checkerboard patterns, stripes, lines and other designs to compliment your trade show exhibit design or pick a neutral colour so that the floor blends in. Experiment with the colour, style, and patterns of your floor until you achieve your ideal result.

Everblock Furniture

Use EverBlock to create modular benches, chairs, tables and bases for all types of objects. Utilise the extensive colour pallet to meet design objectives and alternate colours for dramatic effect.    

From modular plastic kids room furniture to mod architectural furniture, EverBlock lets you mix and match pieces and colours to create bright and durable modular furniture that can be modified at a later date as needs change.  If you already have one of our modular Everblock walls why not match your furniture to it.

Literature Display Stands

Make your display area hard to miss with one of our easy to transport literature display stands. Allow passers by or potential customers to efficiently grab a catalog or magazine when they perhaps dont have the time to talk to you personally or get a decent look at your display. They are practical and stylish and designed to be robust yet portable and pack down into carryable bags for easy storage and handling.

We also offer more permanent literature holders and magazine holders that are designed for more permanent situations like offices, reception areas and showrooms.


Available in many sizes our plinths use an interlocking gear hinge mechanism, which makes these units a robust and a safe system to use. The white platform top secures the panels into position so one of the panels can open whilst in use which provides a useful storage area for such items as catalogues, coats and whatever else you need. However we do not reccomend using it to store items of high value if the plinths are to be left unattended.

POD supply a variety of wooden pedestals, display plinths, product columns which ideal for all kinds of displays and exhibitions. The strength and durability of our units means that it can be reused many times and transformed to fit in with any display.


A sturdy, stylish counter or workstation ideal for applications where security is important. Many traditional portable workstations use a wrap with Velcro fastenings as part of the structure which makes it unsuitable to store valuable items inside.

Exhibition Bag Stands

Our Carrier Bag Holders are mainly used in registration areas, reception areas and exhibition stands and is perfect for hanging goody bags/ freebies on it. Its an easy and organised way to keep any bagged products or info packs at hand and at the ready.

Collapsable Showcases

Showcases clearly display your product in an appealing manner. They are lightweight, lockable and easily fit into a carry bag meaning they can be transported and assembled easily at trade shows and other events.