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Trilite Gantry - Modular Aluminium Truss Gantry - Trilite Aluminium Structural Gantry

Trilite is the ideal lightweight, aesthetic, stylish and clean aluminium trussing system for events and exhibitions. These Gantry systems can be used to define or enclose a stand space, to mount lighting rigs or add graphics to create a backdrop.

Aluminium gantry and aluminium trussing is so versatile......

Within many industries aluminium gantry remains one of the most flexible display stand systems available. An example is the straight back walls above that can be used in a variety of ways to achieve a stunning backwall display.

Use within Exhibition stands

Aluminium gantry can be used to define space only venues, using its height and sturdy nature to create wonderfully intricate or simple exhibition stand designs. It has always been used within the motorsport industry trade as a favourite way to create the construction of a temporary exhibition stand. It can be reused again and again makes it a great return on investment for any would be exhibitor.

Aluminium Outdoor Structures

Sporting events and shows enjoy the use of this outdoor display system. From Formula One teams use the gantry for many of their pits and bays, festivals organisers for lighting and staging, marathon event organisers for start and finish line tunnels. It can be branded up too to promote any event or provide a structure to enhance in other ways.

Ideal as a Temporary graphic display wall

Ideal for back walls to promote an event, or create a backdrop for photo opportunities at red carpet events or sporting post match interviews. This stand can tension a graphic banner well to create a seamless back drop environment up to 10 metres in length.