7 Exhibition Stand Design Tips To Stand Out

So you’ve got the chance to have your business displayed in front of hundred of eyes. Great job! But don’t think just showing up to the event will be enough. You’ll need to add some pizzazz to your exhibition stand design to stand out from everyone else.

Do you know how to make your business one of the highlights of the exhibition? If not, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with seven tips to help you out. Check out these tips below if you want to make your stand the center of everyone’s attention.

1. Make the Height Right

Having posters, signs and panels that are people can’t see is an obvious mistake you want to avoid. But what are the right sizes for each type of marketing tool that you’ll be using.

First, you’ll want to check in with organizers of the event to make sure you’re following size guidelines within your display. The next thing to consider is which signs are for which purposes. For example, if you have a large panel or cutout type of display you may want to use this to attract people over to your display.

These types of displays should be at eye or head level of the average height of people in the room. Use the maximum amount of height that the event will allow for with this one.

Also, make sure any banners or signs at the table are large enough to be seen across a room. Make the most out of the height and width restrictions you’re given.

2. Keep Your Branding Clean

You should have your branding established before you go to the event. If you don’t, get started right away. Settle on your colors, fonts, and other aspects of your display. This will ensure that your exhibition stand design looks cohesive and well put together.

Make sure your logo is high quality and people can easily find it. However, don’t just throw it on any and everything at your exhibit. Plan careful placement for your logo across all your marketing materials.

3. Use High Quality Images

This is very important. Using high quality visuals is one of the best ways to display a company’s products and services. Choosing the best photos to represent your brand is crucial.

Don’t use any grainy, low-resolution graphics. It’ll be a huge turn-off for people who can’t out what your pictures are. Invest in the best quality images for everything included in your display.

Be sure to use relevant pictures that belong to you through licensing permissions. Be careful not to use any inappropriate, offensive or upsetting photos.

4. Add Video and Audio

Incorporating video and audio helps create great experiences for potentials customers. This is essential for performance products, such as a cleaning or skin care products and services.

Use tools for video and audio to bring the presentation to life. There are plenty of apps and programs that you can use for good quality editing if you’re on a budget.

Show customer testimonials on a screen and live examples of results. Use the products or candid moments of people using the product or service. Music is another great feature to add. Use upbeat tempos to manipulate the mood of the crowd. Just remember to keep it appropriate and relevant.

5. Make Your Display Bright with Some Good Light

Take advantage of the opportunity if you’re able to add extra light fixtures. This is another feature that allows you to turn your exhibition stand design into a full experience for visitors. There are plenty of ways and reasons why you should use proper lighting.

For instance, you can make your display brighter to see the product or service better. This helps people who don’t have great vision to notice your exhibition. Also, incorporate your brand colors to enhance the effect and bring the display to life more.

Get creative with your lighting if you’re permitted!

6. Communicate Your Company’s Message Clearly

The look of your exhibition might attract people initially, but they may not stick around if they can’t figure out what you’re offering. Your business’ message should be clear and welcoming to your audience.

Make sure you present the most important information for potential customers first. Also, make sure you educate them on who you are and the benefits of your company. Your marketing materials should include your slogan and details on your product or service’s uses, benefits, ingredients and what makes it special overall.

Your visitors will lose interest if you overload them with information, or don’t give them enough to understand what you’re selling. Hire a professional copywriter to assist with articulating your company’s mission. Get everything proofread and edited to be sure that your copy reflects your company’s message.

7. Create a Theme for Your Exhibition Stand Design

Create a cohesive theme for potential buyers. Creating a concept for your display helps achieve this, especially if you have a lot of separate ideas that you want to include in your exhibit.

Sticking to one theme helps tie things together and keep a singular focus on your exhibition stand design. Consider hiring a branding specialist or strategist to assist with including all of your desired elements without making your display too messy or chaotic.

Make Your Business Stand Out at Your Next Event

The best way to ensure that your exhibition stand design stands out at your next event is to plan ahead. Avoid waiting until the last minute to put everything together. You’ll need to reach out to organizers as far in advance as possible to ensure that you get all materials within permitted guidelines.

Hire professionals to help you with things you’re unsure about and invest in the best quality materials that you can. Overall, keep it simple, professional and fun.

Got any tips from your own event experiences? Let us know below! If you need exhibition stands for your next event but aren’t sure what the best option is for you, contact us today.