7 Tips for Designing the Perfect Modular Display

Trade shows, conventions, and other events are a great chance to connect with new customers and show off what your company has to offer.

But the downside of this event is that dozens or even hundreds of other companies are doing the same. If you want to stand out, you need a display that draws people in and leaves a lasting impact.

If you’re ready to start designing the perfect modular display for your company to use at your next marketing event, keep reading. We’re bringing you 7 tips for creating stunning, effective displays.

1. Keep it Simple

When you’re setting up your modular display at a trade show, exhibition, or other events, the goal should be to design a display that stands out from the crowd.

While it can be tempting to go all-out, displaying tons of products, options, features, and more can be overwhelming to viewers who have already wandered down line after line of displays.

Instead, if you want to make an impact, keep your design simple and clean. This gives visitors a chance to learn your message without getting overwhelmed by information.

If you want to make the most of your space without overwhelming visitors, your design should pair a small amount of text with a greater number of visuals.

Studies show that when a person hears information, they remember just 10 percent three days later. But if you pair an image with that information, they’ll remember a stunning 65 percent.

2. Layer Your Display

One of the benefits of a modular display is that you have a larger area to work with. But having more space also makes creating a design more difficult.

To make the most of whatever space you have, try to layer your display.

Start by placing eye-catching items on the front edge of your display. These items should aim to catch the attention of anyone walking by and draw them into the next layer of your display.

The middle of your display should include more information on your company and products. In this area, you could offer demonstrations, include tables for sitting down to talk to customers or any other 3-dimensional items you want to include.

The final layer of your display is the back wall.

This wall serves several purposes. First, it helps to block out booths or other items that are behind your display that might draw visitors away from your own display. It is also an opportunity to add some height to your display, making it easier to be seen from a distance.

Finally, your back wall should include the lasting impressions you want to leave with your visitors. This could be anything from pictures of happy customers enjoying your products to your company’s motto.

3. Aim for Eye-Level With Important Information

While you’ll want to take advantage of all of the space that you have in your modular booth to showcase your company, you need to consider human nature when placing your information.

Utilizing tall displays to showcase additional pictures or information is great. But keep in mind that at a busy trade show, visitors passing by may not take the time to look at everything.

To ensure that when they do look, they see the most important information you’re trying to get across, put this info at eye-level.

You can utilize other eye-catching tactics, such as pictures of actual people, to draw attention as well.

4. Offer Demonstrations

When you’re advertising with an online ad or billboard, you have to rely entirely on words and images. But presenting at a trade show or other events gives you the chance to do more.

Offering demonstrations of your products is one great way to increase engagement. Not only does it give visitors a chance to experience your products off of a print ad, but it can also be great for drawing in passerby who may have otherwise continued past a stagnant display.

5. Add Lighting As Needed

The last thing you want to do is sink a lot of time and money into designing an awesome display that no one can read.

If you don’t already know what the lighting situation is at a place you plan to set up your modular display, it’s a good idea to bring additional lighting, just in case.

Lighting your display will ensure that no one continues past it because they can’t make out the pictures or read the information.

6. Stick to a Color Palette

Just as crowding your display with pictures and information can be overwhelming, so can using too many colors.

Sticking to a single color palette with just a few different hues or shades will help give your display a clean, professional look. If your company has a set of colors that it usually uses on its website or logo, this is also great for building brand awareness.

7. Tech it Up

One simple way to help keep your modular display simple is by moving your information or demonstrations to a screen.

From projectors to televisions to tablets, there is tons of technology that can be implemented into a display to make it more informative or interactive.

Use this tech to show off product demonstrations, virtual tours, informational videos, and more.

Designing the Perfect Modular Display

By keeping your design simple, layering your display, considering human habits, and offering ways to interact, you can create a winning modular display that will be a hit at shows.

If you’re ready to start designing the perfect display for your company, we can help. We offer a variety of options and designs for displays, from pop-up stands to counters and everything in between.

These displays not only look great when fully assembled, but they also fold down easy to make transporting them, storing them, and setting them up a breeze.

Contact us today to see how we can help you design and create a display that will help your company stand out at your next event.