How a Custom Exhibition Stand Will Take Your Company to the Next Level

It’s hard to stand out when you’re one of the hundreds competing for attention from visitors walking by.

You need to be dynamic and memorable to make a good first and lasting impression.

A custom exhibition stand is a brilliant method of getting and keeping the attention of anyone from a distance to make them want a closer look. Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

They want to be entertained or informed.

Your exhibit stand does the initially crucial part of catching their eye, giving it the opportunity to grab their attention and hold their interest.

Keep reading for more ways a custom exhibition stand can take you to the next level and stand out in a crowd.

Custom Exhibition Stands Offer Versatility

Your custom stand is designed to meet your needs and help you attract and inform visitors is the most effective and attractive way that promotes your brand.

There are endless exhibition possibilities for how you catch their attention and display your exhibit.

You can deliver your brand or message in a professional, appealing and effective way before your embassadors even open their mouths.

Maximize Space Potential

Exhibition spots don’t offer a lot of space and you need to maximize what you’re given in every way you can.

A folding exhibition stand allows you to display information and entertainment in ways that are virtually impossible or impractical without one. You get branding potential from the floor to the top of the stand.

Fabric screens, foldable pop-up stands, and banner displays can make the most of your exhibition space.

Visual and Multimedia Potential

People love visual content. They’re 4x more likely to respond to a video about a product than to read written promotional information.

Dynamic photographs, informative videos, smart branding and intriguing displays can bring visitors to you. People who would normally avoid eye contact as they rush by to avoid a promotional pitch are drawn in by visual content.

The right display plan can have crowds flocking to you. A crowd draws a bigger crowd and you can’t get a crowd if you have nothing for them to see.

You’re Custom Exhibition Stand Is Your Pitch

Your stand can do most of the work for you. Your brand is visible and presented in a memorable way. You can present information and resources to attract customers and connect.

You don’t have to stand on a table and yell into a megaphone to be seen and heard. You have the resources to make your mark without having to say a word. Your custom exhibit stand does it for you.

It’s not about thrusting a business card in someone’s hand as they search for free giveaways. Your display can intrigue, entertain and educate. The whole point is to get them to remember your message and creating a relationship.

Demonstrations and Education Has Never Been Easier

Exhibition displays, demonstrations and customer engagement has never been easier than when you have a custom exhibition stand.

Whether you want to walk someone through a demonstration on your newest product or help them sign up for your latest online promotion it can be designed into your display.

Technology provides marketing and instructional information while videos entertain and educate attendees.

Customer service areas with chairs, required technology, and promotional branding can transform your empty exhibit space into an inviting and engaging space.

Interactive displays and entertaining media can help keep the individual and collective attention of the crowd.

Sky’s the Limit

You’re no longer limited to a table sprawled with pamphlets and printed banners hung awkwardly on the wall as your sole marketing options. It used to be all the hard work was up to the people manning each exhibit.

They would have to wave their arms, be aggressively assertive to get someone to even stop. Others visitors nod their head as they wait to politely take your promotional material and move to the next nondescript booth.

Folding exhibit stands allow you to get their attention and have an inbound customer interaction rather than an outbound sales pitch.

You don’t want to have to beg them to learn more. You want them coming to you and the right display with the right visuals and branding can make that a reality.

You can draw them in with colorful displays and strategic multimedia presentations. You can keep them there with dynamic marketing material, engaging displays, and professional staff.

Solutions to Barriers

A strategically planned and well thought out custom design can offer solutions to many of the barriers to success at exhibitions.

There are design solutions to meet the needs of any business or organization and can be a game changer for their success in reaching potential customers.

Every industry, every company has a different mission, vision, and marketing plan. Each one needs an exhibition display that can deliver their message and brand in a fast and effective way.

You need to tell a story about your company, your products and services and the reason they need to learn more as quickly as possible. You have about 8 seconds until you lose their attention.

Grab Their Attention and Keep It

There’s a ton of things to see and hear at an exhibition and it’s hard to compete. You need to be able to catch the attention of someone across the room by a visually pleasing and eye-catching display.

As people get closer to your vicinity you want to draw them over to your display in search of more information. With a custom exhibit stand, you can deliver photographs, videos, branding, and marketing to a wider area.

If your staff are busy with other visitors your display stand can keep the attention of others with interactive demonstrations, engaging entertainment, and promotional materials. This gives you time to dedicate the proper attention to each person who wants to know more about what you have to offer.

If you want to stand out in the crowd check out how our custom exhibition stands can help you do it.