How modular exhibition building blocks can help you stand out.

We all want to stand out at an exhibition, but often it is easier said than done. So if you’ve been hunting for a stand for a while, but nothing seems to meet your expectations, why not consider modular building blocks? Flexible and simple to assemble, they provide a striking solution for those looking for an unusual stand.

Guaranteed to make you stand out, the only limit to what you can create is you.


So, how do they work?

Well it’s time to unleash your inner child and get creative. Essentially large Lego bricks, modular building blocks provide limitless opportunities for the creatively-minded. Slotting together like traditional blocks, they make it easy to create exhibition stands of any size, shape, and format.

Shaped just like Lego bricks, they clip together securely on top of one another to create a wall of bricks. Measuring 30x15x15cm, you won’t need many to make one side of a stand. Allowing you to create what you want, when you want, modular building blocks have been used to create a whole host of eye-catching structures for exhibitions!

Are there any limits?

Of course there are limits with what you can achieve, but these are probably much more far reaching that you first think. You’re not limited to blocks and squares after all. You can create sculptures like houses, people, and even mock awards with ease to add a bit of interest to your stand. Making you instantly recognisable and enabling you to stand out, it is this kind of creativity that can make you the one delegates continue to talk about long after the exhibition.

Are they expensive?

In short, no. Costing less than £10 each, they often work out much better value than purchasing a large stand for a show or event. Of course, the pennies do add up with the more you buy.

Can I use them again?

Just like exhibition stands, modular building blocks can be used time and time again. However unlike many exhibition stands, they won’t date. So should your branding change or you change your offering, you’ll still be able to keep the same blocks.

What colours are available?

Modular building blocks come in a whole host of colours to suit all needs. From black to red, orange to purple, and white to gold, we guarantee you’ll not be left wishing there were more options.

So go on, try modular building blocks for your next stand!

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