NEW ! Tension Fabric Pop Up Stand

The NEW Embrace Tension fabric pop up display stand is a new innovative fabric pop up system with its unique design offering a sleek, collapsible display that delivers style and substance with minimal effort.

The Embrace is a pop up frame featuring a new push fit bar system that creates an external channel around all four edges of the frame. When erected it provides a fitting point for the Graphics Panel. The Display Polyester graphic is a Silicon Edged Graphic, which push fits into the edging channel to provide a drum tight display front and sides.

Watch the Video:

In terms of where this sits in our range of our Tension fabric graphic solutions. It is a a cross between a fabric hop up display stand & a fabric vector frame exhibition stand. The frames are sold in the following standard configurations only, no custom sizes available.

The system can be supplied as a double sided display stand too!

You can also join frames together using one of our special joining clamp components. We recommended minimum 2 per join, ideally 3 are required and they come as 90 or 180 degree (straight) joints.

The frames are sold as complete kits, and supplied in a wheeled bag, with a frame, bars for single sided use and a pair of stabilizing feet. Please note we carry stock of spare nodes, locking arms, bars, feet and frames which are unique to this product.


Designed Graphics should be supplied to us as print ready PDF files and /or we can design your stand on request. Call 01933 411159 for more information.

Useful information

If you would like to upgrade to a hard case then we would recommend the Atlas, Elipse Plus or Zeus case which are capable of transporting all sizes along with a wooden folding top should you require a case conversion.

You can add a digital TV pop up screen mount to an embrace frame. You will need to specify this at time of ordering or purchase one of our TV Embrace stands.
You will also need to where you want the cut out in the graphic to allow for the screen to be fixed onto the VESA mount.

Lights can be added directly onto the top node without the need for additional light fittings, suitable lights are the PS1000/PS1060/LED Flood & LED strip.

Please call us on 01933 411159 or email us to discover how this new hybrid popup exhibition stand can help you and your company or business display more effectively.