How to deliver the best exhibition experience – No 1: Engagement

Why is engagement important?

Meeting face to face in the exhibition or trade show environment should really should be far more interesting than just speaking on the phone or browsing the internet or being at your desk. Engaging Exhibition stands

It really should be a pleasurable experience, for not only you, the exhibitor, but also the visitor.

You will be in a better frame of mind as the person on the stand, who is talking, engaging, helping, involving clients, if you are enjoying yourself and feeling proud of what you have around you and the point s of engagement. On the other hand the visitor who has made the effort and even paid to come to the event needs to enjoy the experience of being on your stand.

What is your goal?

To “be remembered”, “to stand out”! , to be “easy for the visitor to recall” to mind when they think of the event, obviously for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones. To be memorable, is to be a success when it comes to your core fish

When you need to remember a main point and information needs to be retained in a written or spoken format, Illustrations are used so the information can easily be recalled, the point made and it can be applied and therefore be useful.

The same is true with your exhibition stand – it needs to be recalled to mind easily, with the main point of your stand dancing in their head, engagement on your stand does this.
How can this be achieved?

The most memorable exhibits you can probably remember now, probably offered you the best memories. Perhaps a great coffee, really happy staff. Maybe there was a fun game you played. Perhaps you learnt something really interesting or just sat and chilled on an extremely comfy sofa. It’s not necessarily all about the quality of the stand but the engagement once your visitors are in it.

Points to consider

It’s obvious but so vital to use as many of the 5 senses as possible. For instance smell – coffee, new car leather, fresh bread – What is a favourite smell that you could transport to the show that would enhance the visitor’s experience of your stand.

An example that can be cited is of a well-known travel agents exhibitropicaltion space which transported you (or your nose anyway!) to relaxing or fun holiday times by using the smell of sun cream !
Theres more…

Also consider the show as just one part of the bigger company marketing campaign –What do I mean. Well if your show is in April, use opportunities before and after the show to promote, enhance and continue the theme of your stand or show. Think of it as a whole year, the campaign, pre and post show and not as 3 days of the show.

Engage people throughout the year via social media, emails, functions, website promotions etc.

How can you involve and entertain visitors to your stand?

People really do like to play games; it’s usually a long day at a show people want to be entertained, so to play is a basic human need that we all did a lot, as a kid, but probably not so much now.

However, it brings out emotions, it connects us to good memories and feelings and that’s what we want.
have fun“Fundamentally People love to play and win” – let them.

In addition fun content, interesting trivia and small bytes entertainment media, it’s not classed as work. In today’s fast paced environment it’s the norm to want on-demand-entertainment in smaller chunks. People now download a song rather than an album, a 30 sec video rather that a film. Generally, our attention span is dwindling so it’s important to match the engagement we show to the times we live in.

Have a look at our “big lego blocks” which people love to play with. Perhaps to create a unique structure, tower or even a small puzzle on your exhibition stand! get you r message across too and put your branding, message or details on the blocks too!
Do’s and don’ts

How many times have you complained about someone treating you unprofessionally or being unhelpful? We all expect to be treated correctly and it makes a big impact when customer service and manners are lacking in social interactions.

Remember over 90% of communication is non-verbal so we need to be professional and believe that it is our way of engaging with people

The person that sells the best is the person that is motivated and well trained – Your initial 30 seconds make the main difference to whether a person is going to be interested or not.


Please don’t eat on the stand – No to sandwiches/subs/crisps
No Playing solitaire on your iPad
No texting your friends constantly on your phone
No chewing gum with your mouth open
No hands in pockets
No frowns (Smiley face please)
Is that it?

Engagement is only ONE way in which POD Exhibitions can help support you deliver the Best Exhibition Experience at your next event.

This is the first of 5 articles. The next article will show how Creativity can play a vital role in delivering the best experience at your exhibition.